ING and Cogo link to offer carbon footprint insight feature for app users


ING has collaborated with carbon management experts Cogo to introduce the Footprint Insight feature within its mobile banking app.

This new tool enables ING’s private customers to track the CO2 emissions associated with their transactions, encouraging more environmentally conscious spending habits.

Driven by its commitment to sustainability, ING acknowledges the pivotal role financial institutions can play in addressing climate change. By integrating this feature, ING aims to empower customers with insights into their environmental impact and provide practical suggestions for reducing their carbon footprint.

As a global leader in banking, ING offers a diverse array of financial products and services. The bank’s operations are underpinned by robust sustainability practices, including comprehensive environmental and social risk policies and ongoing efforts to enhance operational eco-efficiency.

Footprint Insight expands upon ING’s existing Insight tool in the app, which categorizes income and expenses. It estimates CO2 emissions based on monthly spending across different categories, using specific emission factors for the Netherlands provided by Cogo. This feature helps users visualize the environmental consequences of their financial choices.

After a successful trial involving 500,000 customers starting in July 2022, ING received positive feedback and decided to extend the functionality to all private customers. Users can opt in to use this feature directly through the app, enhancing flexibility and user control.

To improve accessibility and usability, ING has prominently displayed CO2 footprint data within the app’s interface. The bank continues to gather feedback to refine and expand the feature, underscoring its commitment to customer-driven innovation and environmental stewardship.

Léon Wijnands, Head of Sustainability at ING, emphasized, “The broad rollout of Footprint Insight to all our private customers marks a significant step forward in our collaborative efforts to combat climate change.”

Emma Kisby, CEO EMEA of Cogo, highlighted, “Our research shows customers are eager to reduce their carbon footprint, and banks are uniquely positioned to help them understand and minimize their environmental impact.”

This partnership underscores ING’s proactive stance in leveraging technology to empower customers to make informed, environmentally responsible choices.