Tokenizing real-world assets: Start small, solve problems, drink milk

Tokenization is poised to revolutionize the digital economy in the years ahead, contingent upon global governments and regulators adapting to this transformative wave.

At the 2024 London Blockchain Conference, Dimitrios Psarrakis, co-founder of ValueVerse digital finance strategy group, curated an esteemed panel titled “Navigating the Digital Horizon – Unveiling Government and Legal Frameworks and Real-World Applications of Digital Assets and Tokenization.” The panel featured notable experts including financial cryptographer Ian Grigg from the Peer For Peer Foundation, Nikhil Vadgama, director at DLT Science Foundation, David Almirol, Undersecretary at the Dept. of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) of the Philippines, and Max Bernt, Managing Director, Europe at TaxBit.

Psarrakis commenced the discussion by reflecting on his involvement in the sector since 2016 and his quest to enhance financial systems’ intelligence. He highlighted his contribution to the European Parliament’s blockchain resolution, addressing queries about the value proposition of tokenization, its economic implications, and potential impacts on business models.

Vadgama underscored that tokenization eliminates intermediaries, facilitates direct connections, enables smart contracts, and ensures immutability, asserting these as critical technological advantages transferred through tokenization.

Regarding the penetration of tokenization, Vadgama pointed to notable use cases in the legacy financial sector, exemplified by stablecoins like USDT (Tether) and USDC (Circle), which enable seamless value transfers compared to traditional financial systems burdened with numerous frictions.

Grigg expanded on the benefits of tokenization beyond cost reduction, recounting a past venture where he tokenized internal currency to settle significant debts. He emphasized how digital tokens streamlined accounting and gained preference over fiat obligations among creditors, illustrating the intrinsic value of efficient accounting systems.

Discussing government perspectives, Almirol shared insights from the Philippines’ initiatives in blockchain adoption, notably integrating tokenized solutions into the national identity system through the eGov Super App. He stressed the government’s role in supporting such innovations to enhance efficiency and transparency across public services.

Acknowledging bureaucratic challenges, Almirol critiqued governmental inertia towards embracing emerging technologies like AI and blockchain, contrasting it with the private sector’s agility in tech adoption.

Psarrakis echoed concerns about governments’ slow adaptation to blockchain’s potential for enhancing transparency in areas such as digital identity, compliance, taxation, and anti-money laundering efforts, citing the need for a proactive regulatory framework.

Bernt supported Almirol’s call for showcasing the benefits of tokenization to governments, noting varying regional approaches within Europe but a global trend towards establishing legal frameworks conducive to tokenized assets.

Grigg emphasized the necessity of regulatory clarity and the role of established legal mechanisms in facilitating widespread tokenization, underscoring the importance of contracts and trust structures in securing real-world assets digitally.

Vadgama lamented governmental silos hindering innovation and advocated for streamlined regulatory processes to capitalize on tokenization’s potential across diverse sectors beyond financial instruments.

Looking ahead, Vadgama envisioned future applications of tokenization extending to real estate, intellectual property, and commodities, drawing from decentralized finance (DeFi) models to enhance liquidity provision.

Almirol urged a focused approach to solving specific issues with tokenization, akin to nurturing a child with gradual steps towards broader implementation, emphasizing practicality and tangible benefits as catalysts for sustained growth in the tokenized economy.


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