Testnet for Easy AI Agent Creation Platform Hybrid is Now Live


Hybrid’s testnet will now allow users to access test tokens via the faucet, bridge tokens, make transactions, and test Hybrid’s AI Agent Atlas.

Hybrid, an EVM-compatible ecosystem designed to provide a plug-and-play solution for building advanced AI Agents, has officially launched its testnet. This release allows users to explore various features and provide feedback crucial for the platform’s development.

The Hybrid testnet introduces several key functionalities aimed at enhancing user experience and testing the platform’s capabilities:

  • Drip the Faucet: Users can easily access test tokens via the faucet to engage in testnet activities.
  • Bridge Tokens: The testnet supports bridging tokens, allowing seamless token transfers across chains.
  • Make Transactions: Users can make various transactions to test the network’s efficiency.
  • Test Atlas: Users can interact with Atlas, Hybrid’s AI agent, which provides data insights and user engagement by integrating on-chain data and Web3 news.

For developers and users alike, Hybrid’s testnet offers a hands-on opportunity to experience our innovative approach to AI and blockchain integration,” said ‘0xCam’, CEO of Hybrid. “Users can try out Atlas, our Web3 Copilot, and earn Hybrid Points.”

“As we progress, we will introduce features for decentralized data storage, training AI Experts, and building AI Agents from different experts. Your feedback will be crucial in refining these features and ensuring our platform’s robustness as we prepare for the mainnet launch. We are committed to building a decentralized, efficient, and user-friendly ecosystem, and this testnet is a crucial step in that journey.”

Hybrid’s testnet represents a key step in simplifying AI agent creation. Initially, users will have the opportunity to get familiar with Atlas, the first AI Agent on the platform. Soon, users will be able to create their own AI Agents, further expanding the platform’s capabilities.