Animoca Brands and Subsidiaries Recognized in Top 50 Blockchain Game Companies 2024


Animoca Brands and its subsidiaries have been recognized in’s prestigious Top 50 Blockchain Game Companies of 2024 list.

Securing the third position on the roster, Animoca Brands, a trailblazer in the blockchain gaming domain, reaffirms its influential status and success in the industry. The commendation extends to its subsidiaries, with The Sandbox ranking at #7, Blowfish Studios at #22, and nWay at #35, as reported by Animoca Brands.

Pioneering Blockchain Gaming Achievements

Animoca Brands has consistently showcased its expertise in crafting and releasing groundbreaking blockchain-based games. Noteworthy projects like The Sandbox, PHANTOM GALAXIES™, and Crazy Defense Heroes exemplify the company’s commitment to integrating blockchain technology. By offering digital property rights to players, Animoca Brands contributes significantly to shaping an open metaverse.

Subsidiaries Shaping the Landscape

The Sandbox, an Animoca Brands subsidiary, stands out by securing the 7th position on the list. Renowned for its user-generated content ecosystem, The Sandbox empowers players to construct, possess, and monetize their gaming creations on the Ethereum blockchain. Meanwhile, Blowfish Studios and nWay earn recognition, ranking 22nd and 35th, respectively. Blowfish Studios garners acclaim for its captivating game designs, while nWay gains attention for its multiplayer competitive games, including the iconic Power Rangers franchise.

Broader Influence on the Industry

This acknowledgment underscores Animoca Brands’ significant impact on the blockchain gaming arena. With a diverse portfolio boasting over 400 Web3 investments, including prominent entities like Yuga Labs, Axie Infinity, and OpenSea, Animoca Brands emerges as a pivotal figure in the Web3 realm. Such a comprehensive investment strategy solidifies Animoca Brands’ pivotal role in shaping the future of blockchain-based entertainment.

Future Outlook

As the blockchain gaming sector continues its rapid expansion, Animoca Brands and its subsidiaries are poised to seize emerging opportunities. Aligned with evolving trends in the gaming landscape, Animoca Brands’ emphasis on digital property rights and the open metaverse positions it for sustained success. With unwavering commitment to innovation and strategic investment, Animoca Brands is primed to maintain its leadership in the dynamic blockchain gaming landscape.