Ideagen unveils AI-powered tool to streamline ESG reporting


Ideagen, a leader in regulatory and compliance software, has announced a strategic partnership with Emizio to develop a new Carbon Accounting platform.

This AI-powered tool, named Ideagen Carbon Accounting, simplifies ESG reporting by streamlining emissions tracking to meet regulatory standards effectively.

Utilizing generative AI, the platform provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for the carbon accounting process. It assists users with data collection, extraction, and calculations, ensuring accurate and audit-ready emissions results.

Ideagen Carbon Accounting addresses common challenges in carbon reporting by simplifying data reconciliation. Users can upload various datasets seamlessly, regardless of format, enabling quick and accurate carbon accounting.

The partnership aims to tackle the difficulties businesses face in accurately reporting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics.

Ideagen is known for its expertise in regulatory and compliance software solutions across diverse industries globally. Committed to providing clarity and confidence in regulated sectors, Ideagen continually seeks innovative methods to help businesses navigate the complexities of ESG compliance.

Emma Hayes, Chief Financial Officer at Ideagen, stated, “Carbon accounting is complicated and meticulous. Meeting greenhouse gas emissions regulations requires numerous datasets from various business sources. This is even more challenging for multi-site organizations, increasing the risk of misreporting and greenwashing accusations.

“Our purpose is to provide clarity and confidence to regulated industries. To achieve this, we needed a solution to help businesses navigate ESG compliance complexities. It had to be innovative, efficient, and easy to execute.”

Through this partnership, Emizio aims to expand its reach and enhance its product development capabilities, ensuring widespread adoption of the innovative carbon accounting solution. Led by Natasha Thakur and supported by climate strategy expert Alex Whyte, the partnership seeks to empower businesses globally to efficiently achieve their ESG goals.