ZTLment eyes European payments transformation with €2.4m pre-seed


Danish fintech startup ZTLment is making significant strides in the financial technology sector with its innovative approach to compliant wallet infrastructure.

Founded in Copenhagen, ZTLment has raised €2.4 million in a pre-seed funding round, a crucial step in its mission to revolutionize European payments.

The funding round was led by PreSeed Ventures, Upfin, Giant Ventures, and prominent business angels. This substantial investment reflects the confidence these investors have in ZTLment’s innovative solutions and its potential to transform the financial landscape.

ZTLment’s primary mission is to eliminate the dependence on outdated banking infrastructures. The company aims to simplify programmable and peer-to-peer payments, creating a more efficient and transparent financial ecosystem. By utilizing decentralized rails, ZTLment has become the first in Europe to facilitate fiat money transfers while ensuring compliance with Europe’s open banking regulations.

Mads Stolberg-Mathieu, CEO and co-founder of ZTLment, describes the company’s approach as a significant shift in payment operations. Stolberg-Mathieu explains, “We are witnessing a transition where payment operations become so crucial for the platform user experience that they are moved from the finance function to the product team.”

ZTLment’s innovative solutions address various challenges faced by ordering and booking platforms, such as fund flow automation, enhanced payment transparency, and maintaining regulatory compliance. Additionally, the company’s Compliant Wallet Infrastructure allows platform customers to manage unlimited wallets, streamlining payments without technical or regulatory hurdles.

The funding will enable ZTLment to further develop its product offerings and accelerate its market expansion. With an upcoming product launch, ZTLment is set to redefine the European payments landscape, meeting the evolving needs of businesses and consumers.

Stolberg-Mathieu emphasizes ZTLment’s commitment to transforming financial transactions, stating, “We are not trying to make interbank transactions slightly better. We are seeking to make them redundant.”

Source: fintech.global