Industry Leaders at World CyberCon Share Insights on Cyber Risk Management


One of the standout discussions at The Cyber Express World Cybercon revolved around the concept of cyber risk scoring.

The opulent Al Habtoor Palace in Dubai provided a fitting backdrop for the esteemed World CyberCon 3.0 META Cybersecurity conference, bringing together top cybersecurity professionals and experts from across the globe to delve into critical issues and emerging trends in the industry.

Among the array of sessions at the World CyberCon META Edition, a panel focused on cyber risk scoring captured significant attention, highlighting its pivotal role in today’s digital sphere.

Moderated by Waqas Haider, CISO of HBL Microfinance Bank, the panel included distinguished speakers such as:

  • Beenu Arora, Co-founder and CEO of Cyble;
  • Azhar Zahiruddin, Director of Data Protection and Group DPO at Chalhoub Group;
  • Ankit Satsangi, Director at Beeah Group; and
  • Suhaila Hareb, ISR Auditor at Dubai Electronic Security Center.

Insights on Cyber Risk Scoring at World CyberCon META Cybersecurity Conference

Beenu Arora, CEO of Cyble, provided a global perspective that resonated deeply with the audience, shedding light on the alarming statistics surrounding data breaches in recent years. He revealed that over the past thousand days, more than 50,000 companies worldwide have fallen victim to data breaches.

Azhar Zahiruddin stressed the imperative of comprehending the evolving landscape of cyber threats and implementing robust data protection frameworks. He emphasized the need for organizations to stay ahead of threat actors by continuously updating their security measures and protocols.

Suhaila Hareb offered valuable insights into the regulatory landscape and the role of compliance in fortifying cybersecurity defenses. She underscored the importance of adhering to international standards and conducting regular audits to ensure the effectiveness and currency of security measures.

Ankit Satsangi delved into practical strategies for enhancing cyber risk scoring mechanisms, advocating for a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity that integrates advanced technologies, employee training, and proactive threat intelligence.

The panel collectively underscored the significance of cyber risk scoring as a tool for organizations to assess and manage their cybersecurity risks effectively. By employing robust risk scoring methodologies, companies can identify vulnerabilities, prioritize security investments, and respond promptly to potential threats.

Furthermore, a recurring theme throughout the discussion was the need for enhanced defense mechanisms to combat online threats. The experts unanimously agreed that while technological advancements are crucial, human factors such as employee awareness and training are equally pivotal in bolstering cybersecurity defenses.

A Call for Strengthened Defense Mechanisms

The World CyberCon 3.0 META Cybersecurity conference showcased cutting-edge advancements and strategic insights in the cybersecurity realm. The panel on cyber risk scoring underscored the critical role of this practice in helping organizations navigate the intricate threat landscape.

As cyber threats continue to evolve, the insights shared by industry leaders offer invaluable guidance for organizations striving to fortify their cybersecurity defenses. By embracing comprehensive risk scoring mechanisms and staying abreast of emerging threats, businesses can safeguard their digital assets and foster resilience in an increasingly interconnected world.

Moreover, the META edition of World CyberCon featured numerous engaging sessions on cybersecurity in the Middle East, further enriching the discourse on this vital subject.