Everdome Unveils Metaverse Theater, Revolutionizing Interactive Digital Shows in Virtual Reality

Today, the Dubai based metaverse company Everdome unveiled their new metaverse digital Theater, the latest expansion to their metaverse experience, which aims to usher in a new era of accessible digital creation for a new generation of digital pioneers.

Following closely after the release of their easy to use Spaces Metaverse-as-a-Service creators tool, allowing all types of digital creators to quickly spin out their own personalized and interactive metaverse spot, Everdome’s new Metaverse Theater sees the company explore longer visual experiences for larger audiences.

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, the metaverse is set to open up a $10 Billion market opportunity in Indian media and entertainment alone. Furthermore, in the Middle East, the metaverse is projected to create a substantial economic opportunity, with estimates suggesting it could contribute approximately $15 billion to the GCC economies by 2030.

As early pioneers of metaverse event destinations, Everdome’s Metaverse Theater seeks to prepare for this future, offering a large cinema type screen providing a home for interactive live events, film or music shows and much more.

Accommodating just under one hundred people, the audience can take their seats across a lower level of seating, or enjoy a panoramic screen view from the balcony. Below the screen is a stage area where presenters can introduce the show, interact with the audience, or present the action live as it happens.

And interaction is the key difference between emerging metaverse destinations such as Everdome and more traditional web2 audio-visual platforms.

While interaction on these platforms is restricted to likes, comments and shares, Everdome’s Metaverse Theater allows free movement, so all audience members can interact freely with others.

Jeremy Lopez, Everdome CEO, expands on the potential of the metaverse to transform how audio-visual content is created, consumed and engaged with, stating:

‘’We are only just starting to explore the potential for exciting new mediums of creation offered by immersive computing, the metaverse and AI.

This convergence has the power not only to transform how we engage and interact with content, but also to usher in a new medium for content, empowering a new generation of creators.

With this new addition to Everdome’s metaverse destination, we discover, imagine and build ways not just to passively view visual content, but to directly interact inside media of multiple different kinds.’’

Everdome kicks off their alpha theater release with their own content on the metaverse and a history of developments of their interactive Martian digital city, presenting a rolling screening schedule accessible to all, so anyone can have the chance to take a seat and enjoy a metaverse showing regardless of time zone.

In later releases, partners and brands will have the opportunity to showcase their own audio-visual content inside this theater, allowing pioneering brands and projects to explore the interactive and immersive future of the internet’s next iteration.

The Everdome team combines the power of Unreal Engine 5 with blockchain technology, wrapping them together to create interactive, impactful, easy to access and immersive metaverse destinations inside a unique Martian themed digital environment.

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