SAP Fioneer and Deutsche Pfandbriefbank Launch Solution for Commercial Real Estate Financing


SAP Fioneer and Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG (“pbb”) have introduced the Digital Credit Workplace, a comprehensive solution tailored for commercial real estate financing, encompassing all stages of transactions, from lending to credit risk management.

Addressing the common challenges encountered by banks and financial service providers, the Credit Workplace streamlines operations by tackling numerous manual process steps, fragmented IT support, dispersed and redundant data, and heavy reliance on end-user computing. This enhances efficiency potential, facilitates AI utilization, simplifies compliance adherence, and ensures data consistency.

The Credit Workplace leverages enhanced integration capabilities, standardized data structures (e.g., asset mapping), and facilitates the digitization and automation of decision-making and risk processes. This allows for scaling back of end-user computing applications and the replacement of document-based processes with tailored interactive dashboards. Consequently, the effort involved in data recording, maintenance, and duplication is significantly reduced, enabling employees to concentrate on core lending and risk management activities. Overall, collaboration among employees within and across departments and with customers is greatly streamlined.

Michael Spiegel, Head of Operations & Digitalization at pbb, acknowledges the success of collaborative efforts: “The co-innovation, carried out in mixed teams of SAP Fioneer and pbb employees with a high level of commitment, was executed on schedule.”

Spiegel further emphasizes the benefits of the Credit Workplace: “It has considerably simplified our lending process, providing an intuitive structure and specific dashboards to maintain an overview of complex processes involved in lending, risk assessment, and portfolio management, ensuring up-to-date information availability. Additionally, numerous manual processes have been automated.”

Dr. Alexander Wehrmann, Managing Director at SAP Fioneer, underscores the partnership’s significance: “Together with pbb, a strong and competent partner, we have introduced a solution that not only comprehensively supports and significantly enhances commercial real estate financing processes but also marks a crucial step in expanding our product portfolio in commercial lending.”