Glia launches first responsible AI platform purpose built for financial institutions


Glia, a pioneering force in customer interaction technology, has unveiled the first-ever responsible AI platform purpose built for financial institutions.

The offering, known as Glia Cortex, will enable financial institutions to harness the power of AI in a secure and responsible manner, revolutionising customer service and contact centre operations.

The impetus behind the development of Glia Cortex stems from the increasing demand within the financial industry for AI-driven solutions to modernise and streamline contact centre operations. However, concerns around data privacy, security, and potential risks associated with AI adoption have hindered progress in this area.

Glia is renowned for its Unified Interaction Management platform, which offers comprehensive solutions for customer engagement across various channels.

Glia Cortex represents a significant leap forward, empowering financial institutions to integrate AI seamlessly into their existing workflows while maintaining stringent safeguards for data privacy and security.

At the heart of the product are three key components: Customer AI, Agent AI, and Manager AI.

These components automate and elevate customer interactions, enhance agent productivity, and provide managers with deeper insights for better team performance and service improvements.

Service 1st Federal Credit Union has already partnered with Glia to implement Glia Cortex in their contact centre operations. Sarah Zinga, AVP of Digital Services for the credit union, attested to the benefits, stating, ““How do I improve my credit score? What is my current balance? With Glia, we have been able to leverage AI to help us automate these simple calls and free up our agents’ time for when the human touch is really needed, and ultimately provide the best member experience for what our Service 1st members expect.”

This launch underscores Glia’s commitment to innovation in the financial services industry, following recent advancements such as Unified Interaction Management and generative AI solutions.

Jay Choi, CPO for Glia, explained, “Financial institutions are looking to AI to modernise and create efficiencies in their contact centres, however they have been rightfully cautious as significant questions around safety, privacy, and business and reputational risks associated with adopting AI remain. Glia Cortex unleashes the benefits of AI and generative AI while maintaining proper, steady guardrails to keep data private and secure. We’ve made it possible to deploy AI without introducing risk, providing responsible technology that institutions and their customers can trust.”