Chiba Bank to deploy Moneythor personalisation engine for Chibagin app


Chiba Bank, a regional bank dedicated to serving the communities and businesses within Japan’s Chiba prefecture, has entered into a partnership with Moneythor to enhance personalized banking experiences. Through this collaboration, Chiba Bank aims to offer tailored services to its customers.

Utilizing Moneythor’s financial services personalization engine, Chiba Bank will integrate advanced features into its Chibagin app. This app enables users to perform various banking tasks such as checking account balances, transferring funds, making deposits, conducting loan transactions, and paying taxes and utility bills—all without the need to visit one of the bank’s 181 branches across Japan.

Moneythor’s engine deployment promises to provide app users with personalized insights tailored to their unique preferences. These insights encompass money management, savings capabilities, and cash flow predictions, enriching the overall digital banking experience.

Chiba Bank anticipates that this technology will foster stronger connections with its customers and enhance their digital banking journey. Moreover, Moneythor’s extensive global experience is seen as a valuable asset, offering financial insights and best practices to further refine the bank’s digital banking offerings.

As a self-designated engagement banking group with significant assets, Chiba Bank has been implementing a mid-term plan since April last year. This plan focuses on evolving its customer-focused business model through personalized proposals, enhancing existing business models, and exploring new business areas. The bank aims to achieve these objectives by March 31, 2026.

Hideki Shibata, Executive Officer and General Manager of the Digital Strategies Unit at Chiba Bank, believes that the adoption of the Moneythor engine will empower customers with personalized insights and recommendations aligned with their interests. This initiative reflects the bank’s commitment to providing personalized, seamless, and engaging digital experiences, thereby fostering a sense of community among its customers and catering to their evolving digital needs.