Unstoppable Domains gets another blockchain patent

Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Unstoppable Domains patent number 11,985,252, titled “Resolving and managing blockchain domains,” which encompasses various aspects of blockchain domain names. This patent adds to their existing patent (11,558,344) obtained last year, titled “Resolving blockchain domains,” which focuses on methods for resolving blockchain domain names in web browsers.

Unstoppable Domains has pledged not to assert its patents against other blockchain naming entities that are members of the Web3 Domain Alliance, demonstrating a commitment to collaboration within the industry.

The company is among several entities offering solutions akin to traditional domain names for the web, simplifying complex cryptocurrency wallet addresses into more memorable formats.

Recently, Unstoppable Domains has been forming partnerships with communities, with intentions to introduce genuine top-level domain names once ICANN initiates the next round of applications. This move signifies their ambition to further integrate blockchain-based naming systems into the broader internet infrastructure.

Source: domainnamewire.com

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