Ghana’s Vice President Says His Government Aims to Become the First to Be Powered by Blockchain

The Vice President of Ghana, Mahamadu Bawumia, is spearheading his government’s digitalization efforts with blockchain technology. Bawumia envisions a future where Ghana operates as a “blockchain-powered government,” ensuring the integrity of government data and records while combating corruption in the public sector.

In a recent address at the 14th Commonwealth Regional Conference, Bawumia emphasized blockchain’s potential as a tool against corruption, highlighting its tamper-proof nature. He aims to fully digitize government agencies by the year’s end to facilitate this transition effectively.

Drawing inspiration from countries like Estonia, Bawumia aims to integrate Ghana’s databases using the X-Road Integration Infrastructure. This integration will pave the way for the widespread adoption of blockchain technology across government functions, enabling rapid and immutable identification of digital data modifications and device interactions.

Beyond securing records, Bawumia, also the ruling New Patriotic Party’s Presidential candidate, sees blockchain as a key weapon in the fight against corruption. His administration’s ambition is to position Ghana as one of the world’s few blockchain-powered governments and the first in Africa.


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