FinTech leaders emphasize technology’s role in driving innovation and inclusion on national technology day


During National Technology Day, leaders within the FinTech sector shared perspectives on technology’s transformative potential in driving innovation and fostering inclusion.

Anirban Roy of Financial Software and Systems (FSS) highlighted the pivotal role of platforms in nurturing growth and promoting financial inclusion. He stressed the imperative for platforms to accommodate the anticipated exponential growth in India’s mobile wallet market.

Roy remarked, “National Technology Day signifies a remarkable journey of innovations. These innovations have paved the path for a more interconnected and empowered future, where individuals unite under a unified platform. With India’s mobile wallet market projected to surpass ₹531.8 trillion by 2028, platforms must establish the necessary infrastructure to sustain this substantial growth.”

Furthermore, Roy emphasized the necessity for technology to be developed with intention and foresight, focusing on solutions that empower individuals and drive economic progress. He cited FSS Blaze as an exemplar, a platform engineered to harness technological advancements and extend financial services to the unbanked and underbanked, fostering a more inclusive and prosperous future.

Arun Nayyar, MD & CEO of NeoGrowth, underscored the strategic integration of technology to achieve sustainable growth and enhance customer experiences. Nayyar highlighted NeoGrowth’s digital infrastructure, leveraging India Stack and other digital innovations, to ensure a streamlined process for customers, with nearly 90% of loans processed within three days.

Arpan Sahoo, Chief Operating Officer of KaleidEO, emphasized India’s leadership in space technology and the significance of Earth Observation solutions in addressing various challenges. He reaffirmed KaleidEO’s commitment to delivering futuristic tech solutions that empower decision-makers across sectors.

In conclusion, these leaders reiterated the importance of leveraging technology to drive innovation, inclusion, and sustainability in the FinTech landscape.