More crypto AI alliances emerge following $7.5B token merger

ChainGPT’s blockchain AI platform will initiate the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for its launchpad project, Wisdomise AI, in collaboration with KuCoin and

Wisdomise AI stands as an AI-driven crypto advisor and investment assistant, empowering users with insights to learn, predict, and execute digital asset trades. Ilan Rakhmanov, the CEO and Founder of ChainGPT, highlights the tool’s utilization of “advanced AI algorithms” for navigating digital asset markets.

The anticipated IDO for Wisdomise targets a fully diluted valuation of $20 million. Concurrently, ChainGPT, renowned for employing Language Learning Models (LLM) to develop AI-driven chatbots and news aggregators, boasts a valuation of $236 million based on its native token.

Similarly, on May 3, KIP Protocol, a web3 base layer, announced a strategic partnership with GPU cloud infrastructure provider Aethir to expedite AI development across both networks. Through this collaboration, KIP will deploy its KnowledgeFi monetization system and decentralized retrieval augmented generation (dRAG) framework to Aethir, enabling AI models to dynamically gather information in response to user prompts.

Aethir, in turn, will grant KIP Protocol access to its vast GPU resources for AI prompt generation. Julian Peh, co-founder and CEO of KIP Protocol, emphasizes the alignment between the two protocols in leveraging Aethir’s computing resources to power AI asset deployment and monetization tools.

In recent developments, the crypto AI industry’s leading players—SingularityNet,, and Ocean Protocol—have greenlit a $7.5 billion token merger, establishing the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI) project. ASI is exploring three key product pipelines: deploying AI agents in commercial settings, neural symbolic language learning models (LLMs), and facilitating AI data sharing and utilization.

Humayun Sheikh, chairman of the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance and CEO of, envisions near-term revenue generation through the deployment of the agentic network, focusing on launching various commercial products to enhance AI applications.

However, amidst the fervor surrounding crypto AI, scammers have exploited unsuspecting users. On May 5, blockchain security firm CertiK reported the exploitation of the Genius Crypto Token, resulting in a $1.27 million loss. The attacker exploited developers’ private wallet on Discord, creating a fake GNU token on the Fantom blockchain, then converting it to genuine tokens on Ethereum and subsequently selling them for $1.27 million.


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