Popula Stores News on Ethereum’s Blockchain

Popula, a subscription-based news platform, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first to store a news article entirely on a blockchain platform. Maria Bustillos, the editor of Popula, revealed this groundbreaking development, emphasizing the importance of preserving articles in a decentralized and immutable manner.

The article, originally published in Death + Taxes magazine, was fully stored on the Ethereum blockchain, with its hash stored on the IPFS protocol, ensuring its permanence on the blockchain. This collaboration was facilitated by engineers from Civil, a blockchain-based startup and one of Popula’s early supporters.

Bustillos explained that the concept of storing articles on the blockchain had been brewing since 2012 when she first encountered blockchain technology. Her vision was to leverage the blockchain’s properties to ensure the integrity and longevity of journalistic content.

Reflecting on her early experiences with blockchain, Bustillos expressed her belief in its potential to create a decentralized world and safeguard freedom of the press and free speech. She highlighted the historical vulnerability of libraries and creative works to destruction, underscoring the blockchain’s role in making records resistant to tampering or corruption.

Moving forward, Bustillos confirmed that every article published on Popula would be stored on the blockchain, further solidifying the platform’s commitment to preserving journalistic integrity and ensuring the accessibility of information for generations to come.

Source: uk.news.yahoo.com

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