Microsoft announces the largest investment to date in France to accelerate the adoption of AI, skilling and innovation


Microsoft Unveils €4 Billion Investment Plan to Propel AI, Skill Development, and Startup Growth in France

At the Choose France summit today, Microsoft made a landmark announcement of its most significant investment in France since its inception 41 years ago. This comprehensive investment strategy aims to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies, enhance France’s competitiveness in digital innovation, and yield long-term economic advantages for the nation’s economy and workforce. Aligned with France’s National Strategy for AI and the recommendations of the French Commission for Artificial Intelligence, these initiatives are poised to position France as a global leader in AI development and utilization.

Brad Smith, Vice Chair & President of Microsoft, expressed the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering digital innovation and economic growth in France through the deployment of state-of-the-art Cloud and AI infrastructure, comprehensive AI skilling programs, and robust support for French startups.

Underpinned by Microsoft’s recently established AI Access Principles, these investments are set to stimulate innovation and foster healthy competition in the burgeoning AI sector. The principles underscore Microsoft’s expanding role and responsibility as an AI leader, committing to investments, partnerships, and programs that ensure broad access to AI technology for the benefit of organizations and individuals.

Corine de Bilbao, Corporate Vice-President, Microsoft France, emphasized the company’s dedication to sustainable and inclusive growth through significant investments in cloud and AI infrastructure, extensive training initiatives, and renewed support for startups across France.

Microsoft’s ambitious investment plan includes:

  1. Cloud and AI Infrastructure Expansion: A €4 billion investment will drive the expansion of next-generation Cloud and AI infrastructure in France. This initiative will bring advanced GPUs to the country, meeting the increasing demand for efficient, scalable, and sustainable AI-specific compute power. Microsoft’s advanced computational infrastructure and AI platform services will empower organizations to develop, deploy, and utilize proprietary and open-source AI models and applications.
  2. Skilling and Training for 1 Million People: Microsoft is committed to skilling 1 million individuals in AI by 2027, focusing on job seekers, students, SMBs, and professionals. Collaborations with government institutions, training partners, and educational organizations will facilitate the launch of new training programs aimed at building AI fluency, technical expertise, and promoting safe and responsible AI development.
  3. Supporting French Startups: Microsoft aims to accelerate over 2,500 French startups through its flagship program, Microsoft GenAI Studio. This initiative will provide AI expertise, cloud credits, and support activities to foster AI-driven innovation and growth. The program will include a tailored 4-month acceleration program at STATION F, complemented by nationwide workshops and hands-on sessions.

These investments, guided by Microsoft’s AI Access Principles, underscore the company’s commitment to supporting the long-term growth and competitiveness of the French economy while respecting European and French sovereignty principles, regulation, and values. They also reaffirm Microsoft’s longstanding presence and commitment to France, where it has been operating since 1983, employing over 2,100 people.