Did OpenAi create the ultimate companion?


As of todays presentation ChatGPT created by OpenAi has presented itself as a live chat that reacts instantly as an interactive companion which can be used for different tasks, from simple conversation on mostly about everything to more complex tasks like solving mathematical equations, and doing it all on comversation level.

Chat in its actual typing form in this particular case will become obsolete as time will pass, since more and more people are keen to use interactive conversation rather then typing with errors.

The question is: Will ChatGPT be able to recognize accents and differenet english versions, or if we take it further, will it work on different languages and accents of those languages? Well time will tell. The race has been started, and as of this momemnt ChatGPT is in front.

Lets take it even further: If ChatGPT will be perfected and it will be, will it take over the learning process of people, thus schools of today would become obsolete? There is no threat to that as of yet, since ChatGPT has its limitations, but as I stated by developing and perfecting ChatGPT we might be considering school as a WWE (World Wide Education).

Why go to school if you can have all the knowledge at home, right?

Wrong: School in its current form will tranform to something more of a social place where people with same circle of intreset will meet to interact and discuss what they have leaned online. If at least this doesn`t happen then the world population will become obsolete in its current form.

Today we have withnessed the tip of the AI eisberg, some of the todays sensational features of ChatGPT will become the tomorrow`s normal feature, then what will be next. The limit is the sky, or we might say, the limit is the memory size.

This article is mostly a personal note and not the official standpoint of OpenAi, therefore it has to be treated accordingly.

For more information check OpenAi website.