DeFi Technologies Provides Monthly Corporate Update: Subsidiary Valour Reports Assets Under Management at C$748 Million, Up 47.2% This Fiscal Year, Bolstered by Strong Net Inflows of C$6.6 Million, Among Other Key Developments


DeFi Technologies Inc. (the “Company” or “DeFi Technologies“) (NEO: DEFI)(GR: RB9) (OTC: DEFTF), a crypto native technology company that pioneers the convergence of traditional capital markets with the world of decentralised finance (“DeFi“), is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Valour Inc., and Valour Digital Securities Limited (together, “Valour“), a leading issuer of exchange traded products (“ETPs“) that provide simplified access to digital assets, reports assets under management (“AUM“) of C$748 million as of May 7, 2024. This figure represents a significant year-on-year increase of 47.2%.

Despite a decrease from March’s AUM of C$880 million due to a downturn in digital asset prices since March 2024, the Company and Valour’s strategic initiatives continue to drive substantial growth. Notably, despite a significant fall in digital asset markets during April, with Solana down 37% over the period, Valour’s AUM was only 22% lower at the end of the month, buoyed by a strong net inflow of C$6.6 million.

Q1 2024 Financials: The Company would also like to announce that the Q1 2024 financials will be available after market close on May 15, 2024, with an announcement of a shareholder call to follow.

Strategic Expansion and New Trading Desk in UAE: Valour has launched a new trading desk in the United Arab Emirates, marking a strategic expansion into the Middle East. This move leverages the UAE’s progressive regulatory framework and high cryptocurrency adoption rate. It represents a critical step in Valour’s ongoing strategy to make ETPs globally accessible and to broaden its product offerings, aiming to tap into the region’s dynamic financial landscape.

Innovative Bitcoin ETPs in Collaboration with the Core Foundation: In collaboration with the Core Foundation, DeFi Technologies and Valour announced plans for new innovative ETPs, including the first-of-its-kind Yield Bearing BTC ETP, and a novel Core ETP, leveraging the unique features of the Core Chain. Additionally, Valour will manage a validator node on the Core Blockchain and plans to stake US$100 million in BTC. This integration of blockchain technology with traditional financial strategies represents a pioneering approach to Bitcoin investment, offering actively yielding opportunities within the digital asset space.

Short Spot Bitcoin ETP: The launch of the first Short Spot Bitcoin ETP in the Nordics, known as Valour Short Bitcoin (SBTC) SEK (ISIN: CH1149139649), now trading on the Nordic Growth Market, provides experienced investors with strategic opportunities to profit from or hedge against Bitcoin’s price movements.

“We are very encouraged by the strong year-on-year growth of our AUM, which reflects the sustained demand for our innovative ETP products and trust from our investors,” said Olivier Roussy Newton, CEO of DeFi Technologies. “Our strategic expansions and the introduction of groundbreaking products this month underscore our commitment to providing secure, diversified, and accessible digital asset investment options. We are excited about our future prospects and remain dedicated to advancing our position in the digital asset space.”