How to use AI to plan your next vacation and what you should know first


Are you pondering where to spend your summer vacation? The possibilities seem endless, but fear not, Layla is here to help!

Layla, an AI travel planner, can assist in narrowing down your options based on your preferences. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or simply crave a relaxing beach getaway, Layla has got you covered.

For those yearning for a laid-back beach vibe, Layla suggests destinations like Santorini with its iconic sunsets or Ao Nang for some Thai beach bliss. The choice is yours – pick your paradise!

But who exactly is Layla? Despite her persona, Layla is not a human – she’s an AI travel planner whose website launched this year, joining a growing number of AI-driven tools for travel enthusiasts.

Recent surveys indicate that over 50% of travelers are open to using AI for their summer travel plans, with many already incorporating AI into their trip planning process.

So, how prevalent is AI in the travel industry? According to experts, AI is omnipresent, powering various platforms and services like TripAdvisor,, Kayak, and Expedia. Even Google utilizes AI in its search algorithms, providing users with tailored recommendations and immersive experiences like Google Maps’ Immersive View.

Planning your vacation with AI is typically free, but you may need to create accounts on specific platforms to access enhanced features. Google, for instance, offers generative AI results for trip planning through its experimental Search Labs.

However, it’s essential to exercise caution when relying on AI-generated information. While AI can offer valuable recommendations, there’s a risk of inaccuracies or misleading data, commonly referred to as “hallucinations.” To mitigate this, AI travel planners like Layla often incorporate human intelligence for reliable recommendations.

Despite its limitations, the potential applications of AI in travel planning are vast. From personalized trip suggestions to improving accessibility for individuals with impairments, AI has the power to enhance the travel experience for everyone.

In conclusion, while AI can be a valuable tool for vacation planning, it’s essential to supplement AI-generated recommendations with human expertise and double-check information for accuracy. With the right approach, AI can help you plan the perfect getaway with confidence.