Claude, a Competitor to ChatGPT’s Chatbot, Set to Debut on iPhone


Anthropic, a challenger to market leader OpenAI, is striving to integrate its Claude chatbot into users’ daily lives by introducing it on iPhones. Led by former OpenAI staff who departed due to differences with CEO Sam Altman, Anthropic’s product has already surpassed ChatGPT on some measures of intelligence and aims to appeal to everyday users.

Scott White at Anthropic emphasized the importance of meeting users where they are, particularly on mobile devices, stating, “To make Claude a true AI assistant, it’s crucial that we meet users where they are – and in many cases, that’s on their mobile devices.”

The third version of the Claude large language model is available on the company’s website in three variants: “haiku,” a speedy and simple model, “sonnet,” a slower but more powerful model, and the full “opus” system, accessible to paying customers only. Opus recently outperformed GPT-4 in the LMSys chatbot ranking, boasting an impressive “context window” capable of retaining about 160,000 words of conversation.

Anthropic’s Claude app introduces new features beyond simple ease of use. “For example, the Claude iOS app can, with a user’s consent, access the device’s camera and photo library,” White explained. This functionality enables users to leverage Claude’s capabilities in various scenarios, such as summarizing whiteboard diagrams after meetings or identifying plant species from photos taken during hikes.

In addition to the iOS app, Anthropic is enhancing its business offering with a “team” plan, allowing corporate customers to provide chatbot access to their entire staff.

“We started Anthropic to lead the frontier of AI safety and research. That isn’t something you can do in the abstract,” White highlighted. The competition seems to be influencing OpenAI as well, as the company recently revised its policies to allow users access to their entire ChatGPT history without needing to opt-in for conversation training purposes.