Iovate Announces Wes Parris as new Chief Executive Officer

Iovate Health Sciences International (“Iovate”) has announced that Chief Executive Officer, Tim Toll, is retiring from his role after nearly four years with the company and will transition to serve on the Board of Iovate as an advisory director. The company is also pleased to announce the hiring of nutrition industry veteran, Wes Parris, to assume the role of Chief Executive Officer effective April 29, 2024. The duo is working together to help ensure a seamless handoff and the continued growth of the company.

Parris brings over a decade of successful chief executive officer experience within the health and wellness industry. Over the last four years, as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Board Director of PanTheryx, he established the company as the world’s largest Bovine Colostrum producer and led the company’s successful expansion into consumer brands – including the acquisition and global expansion of the TruBiotics probiotic brand.

Prior to PanTheryx, as the President and Chief Executive Officer of I-Health, Inc., Parris led all operations including sales, marketing, research and development, finance, and business development. During his almost 13 years with the company, he established and grew a category-leading consumer brand portfolio. These brands include Culturelle® (a leading global probiotic brand), AZO® (the #1 global over-the-counter (OTC) urinary health brand), Estroven® (the #1 global menopause symptom relief brand) and Ovega-3® (a leading brand in the vegetarian omega 3 category).

Prior to i-Health, Wes held leadership positions at several major consumer products companies including Energizer®, Quaker Oats® (Gatorade®) and Procter & Gamble®.

“I am thrilled to join the Iovate team at such a transformative and promising time for the company,” said Parris. “I look forward to accelerating the delivery of category leading innovation, scientific expertise, and our unwavering commitment to provide high quality products that support the optimal health and well-being of consumers.”

Parris will report to Michael Liu, Managing Director of Xiwang Iovate Health Sciences Inc, and Iovate’s Executive Vice Chairman of the Board.

“We are very excited to welcome Wes into the Xiwang Iovate family,” said Michael Liu, “Wes’ extensive experience and proven track record as a transformative CEO and seasoned operator will be key to Iovate’s growth and future success.”

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