S&P Global Sustainable1 Introduces Municipal Climate Risk Analytics


S&P Global Sustainable1 specializes in offering comprehensive data analytics solutions to evaluate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks for investors and market participants.

Their latest initiative introduces the Municipal Climate Physical Risk dataset, aimed at addressing the risks posed by climate change to municipal bonds.

Covering over 3,100 U.S. counties, all 50 states, and 47,000 general obligation bond issues, this dataset provides insights into climate hazard exposures for U.S. local governments.

It encompasses nine climate hazards across four climate scenarios, averaged over decadal time periods from the 2020s through the 2090s.

Included in the dataset are exposure scores comparing regional exposure to climate change hazards on both a national and global scale. Additionally, exposure metrics indicate the percentage of a region’s GDP and population exposed to climate hazards.

Steven Bullock, Managing Director and Global Head of Research and Methodology at S&P Global Sustainable1, emphasized the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events caused by climate change across various regions in the U.S., from high water stress in the West to compound exposure to flooding and tropical cyclones in the Southeast.

Source: fintech.global