UK Fintech Introduces Groundbreaking Platform for Global Shariah-Compliant Private Equity Funds


Mnaara, a digital investment platform, has officially launched in the UK, offering access to private market investments for Shariah-conscious investors worldwide.

In a statement, Mnaara declared itself as the pioneer in providing global private market opportunities to both individual and institutional Shariah-compliant investors, a segment that has historically faced significant challenges in accessing such investments.

The platform highlighted the limited options available to Shariah-conscious investors beyond publicly listed securities, even within major private banks.

Mnaara’s products and services are designed to streamline the investment process and offer convenient digital access to investments from anywhere in the world. The platform provides a seamless digital experience, guiding new members from sign-up to investment through a complete digital end-to-end process, bypassing lengthy administrative procedures.

Saad Adada, Founder and CEO of Mnaara, expressed excitement about the platform’s launch, emphasizing the importance of private markets in diversifying investment portfolios. Adada stated Mnaara’s mission to democratize access to high-performing private fund managers for Shariah-compliant investors, ensuring alignment with Shariah guidelines.

The funds offered on Mnaara adhere to strict Shariah screening guidelines, prohibiting non-ethical activities such as gambling, tobacco, alcohol, and arms, as well as income from interest. Financial guidelines are also followed to avoid excessive leverage and financial derivatives.

Investors can choose between two main strategies:

  1. Global Growth Strategy: Private Equity funds focusing on investments in private companies with proven business models and clear exit paths, such as sales or public offerings. These Shariah-compliant funds limit investments to compliant businesses and avoid reliance on borrowings, aligning with ethical investing principles.
  2. Global Private Debt Strategy: Asset-based financing funds providing investors with periodic cash income while adhering to Shariah guidelines prohibiting interest.