Earn Alliance, the largest web3 game aggregator and discovery platform leading the future frontier of gaming, announces a solution for game developers called Challenges. It’s an innovative and already proven concept that utilizes traditional in-game challenges as a way to drive engagement on a daily basis and introduces the challenge opportunities to the 500,000+ users on Earn Alliance. It provides game developers an out-of-the-box solution that gives access to an already-engaged fan base and flexible challenge system so they don’t have to build it themselves. Since soft launching just over a week ago and with no marketing, nearly 12,000 challenges have already started.

“New web3 games are beginning to launch every day but not enough players are showing up to play them. We’ve been in problem solving mode for web3 game developers to build and retain their fan bases, and for gamers to have a better game discovery experience,” says Earn Alliance CEO & Founder Joseph “Coop” Cooper.  “The Challenges feature is one of multiple options we can provide as we continue building a new playground for developers aiming to find new fans and test out new projects. And as a lifelong gamer and game developer, this is a fresh take on a staple feature that the best games offer to their fans and gamers truly enjoy but with a twist that challenges are promoted to our massive gamer community. We hope game developers will save development time and user acquisition costs by utilizing this feature across our platform and their games.”

Leveraging an established ecosystem, Earn Alliance offers a gamified engagement-as-a-service platform. This ecosystem fosters benefits for both gamers and developers, incentivizing participation through rewards. Users are rewarded for various activities, including their gaming history, discovery of new games, and now gameplay through challenges. In turn, developers and publishers can test their titles with Earn Alliance’s worldwide built-in community of gamers in search of games. Earn Alliance’s Challenges tool takes a strategic next step in creating a solution for new games that need to “find their fans,” enriching their experience with the magic of play.

Challenges Visual on Desktop

Key Features of Challenges Include:

  • Revolutionizing Game Retention: Earn Alliance’s Challenges feature offers a game-changing solution to the struggle of retaining players. By introducing a dynamic system where users can engage in challenges tailored to their preferences and abilities, game developers can effortlessly enhance user retention and engagement.

  • Development Cost Saving: Unlike traditional retention features that require extensive coding and maintenance, Earn Alliance’s Challenges feature provides unparalleled flexibility. Game Developers traditionally need to spend months building then maintaining a challenge feature set for their games. Earn Alliance’s platform provides supercharged maintenance, plus the ability to acquire users from Earn Alliance.

  • Tailored Challenge Management: Our platform empowers game developers to manage Challenges efficiently with a comprehensive suite of tools. Whether it’s creating private challenges for targeted user groups, setting limits on Challenge participation, or controlling reward distribution, developers have the control to optimize user experiences and maintain balance within their game ecosystems. Players are given the ability to enter Challenges using different currencies and win diverse rewards, including Earn Alliance’s $ALLY tokens and in-game currency.

  • Seamless Integration and Scalability: Earn Alliance seamlessly integrates with games, offering both curated Challenges and a self-service option for developers to design their own. This ensures effortless scalability and enables developers to adapt challenges to suit their game’s evolving needs, fostering continuous user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Driving Growth, Engagement, and Monetization: With Earn Alliance’s Challenges feature, game developers unlock a trifecta of benefits. They can attract new users through compelling challenges, drive sustained engagement with daily activities. In the future, developers can showcase their Earn Alliance challenges in-game and monetize by promoting other games’ challenges across Earn Alliance’s global network.

In testimony to Challenges, one client, Jin Suhyong, CMO of KryptoFighters says, “Our decision to partner up with Earn Alliance was one of the best decisions for our project. The current Challenge campaign drove in a huge number of DAU and real players resulting in securing our spot in top 3 most played games on Elixir platform. [The] majority of our community growth [was] without a doubt because of joining [the] Earn Alliance campaigns.”

Earn Alliance’s mission is to inspire and empower gamers with enriching experiences, and in doing so, has quickly amassed a staggering user base of over 650,000 highly engaged gamers – an increase of 100,000 active members in one quarter. Through their recent airdrop, where the community claimed over 40M airdrops, over 1B hours of gameplay were logged.  Earn Alliance is building a bridge to the future, making a place where web2 and web3 can coexist in harmony, creating a simple bridge for web2 gamers to discover web3 games by connecting their user base with Steam, Google Play and Epic Games. Gamers can play into the transition without overthinking it. The time for the future of gaming is now. Challenge accepted.