Philips Museum opens new exhibition brAInpower on artificial intelligence

On Saturday, April 20th, the Philips Museum, situated in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, will unveil its latest exhibition titled ‘brAInpower’. This captivating exhibition delves into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), a field Philips has long been pioneering, particularly within healthcare. Through interactive displays, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of AI, exploring its profound impact on various aspects of our lives. As AI represents a revolutionary force with unparalleled possibilities, it also introduces unfamiliar territory, sparking uncertainty among many. Hence, the Philips Museum aims to demystify AI for the public, offering interactive exhibits, rare artifacts, and informative videos that shed light on how AI influences our daily existence. By doing so, the museum hopes to engage a broad audience and foster a deeper understanding of this transformative technology.

Central to the exhibition is the concept of collaboration between humans and AI, emphasizing the synergistic relationship between human intelligence and AI capabilities: Brain + AI = Power. This collaborative approach fuels innovations across diverse domains, particularly in healthcare. Shez Partovi, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer at Philips, underscores the importance of this collaboration, noting that AI has the potential to alleviate the strain on healthcare systems worldwide. Already, AI plays a vital role in disease detection, diagnosis, treatment, and patient monitoring. For instance, AI-driven analysis of medical images can expedite and enhance diagnostic processes, enabling healthcare professionals to provide more efficient and effective care. Moreover, AI aids in continuous patient monitoring, thereby reducing the risk of hospital readmissions. Through various exhibits, visitors can witness firsthand the transformative impact of AI in healthcare.

Upon entering the exhibition, visitors encounter a ‘deepfake’ featuring Philips’ founding fathers, Gerard and Anton, which serves as a segue into exploring the evolution of AI and Philips’ significant contributions to the field. Philips’ history with AI traces back to its pioneering work on the electron tube, a precursor to modern computing technologies. This lineage culminated in groundbreaking innovations in digital medical imaging, positioning Philips as a leader in applying AI to enhance healthcare outcomes.

Furthermore, the exhibition delves into the pervasive presence of AI in contemporary society, often manifesting unconsciously in everyday activities. From using smart sensors in electric toothbrushes to employing AI-driven software programs, such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, individuals interact with AI in various capacities. Through engaging exhibits, visitors can experiment with AI firsthand, gaining insights into its practical applications. For instance, they can leverage AI to translate a Lego house design into their dream home or explore AI-guided processes in medical imaging, such as Precise Position technology used in CT scans—a testament to Philips’ ongoing commitment to innovation in healthcare.


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