Keytom Unveils Digital Asset Neobank in the UAE


Keytom, a newly launched digital asset-focused neobank, has entered the UAE market with the goal of simplifying the management of customers’ digital assets in a single, accessible location.

Established in 2022, this fresh addition to the UAE’s financial landscape is committed to breaking down financial barriers and creating a unified framework that merges traditional fiat and cryptocurrency domains, making it accessible to all.

Currently, Keytom enables customers to engage in crypto and USDT transactions and provides saving and investment products, with plans underway to introduce swaps and fiat options in the near future.

Headquartered in Dubai, the startup offers customers a unified interface accessible via both mobile applications and web browsers, allowing them to easily monitor their funds.

Eugene Krasicki, the founder and CEO of Keytom, emphasizes the company’s substantial efforts in integrating cryptocurrencies into its services, driven by the ongoing prominence of crypto in financial markets. Krasicki believes that this inclusive approach and acknowledgment of market potential set Keytom apart in the neobanking sector.

Keytom’s future plans include the rollout of cashback services, collateral loans, and staking, scheduled for implementation in late 2024 and early 2025.

Furthermore, the company is gearing up for global expansion, having obtained licenses in various jurisdictions worldwide. These include a VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) license in the Czech Republic for operations in Europe, and an MSB/FINTRAC (Money Service Business) license in Canada.

Keytom’s launch coincides with a surge of fintech activity in the UAE, with other players such as Ruya Bank recently announcing their intentions to enter the market.