Coreum introduces recipients for Wave 3 of its app development grant

The Coreum Development Foundation, or Coreum, the open-source enterprise-grade layer 1 blockchain, closes Wave 3 of its grant development program by selecting eight new grantees. Each grant recipient is poised to enhance the blockchain’s scalability and Smart Token functionality, contributing to its expansion and utility for token holders and ecosystem partners.

With institutional involvement in the blockchain ecosystem reaching new heights, the urgency for interoperability and enterprise-grade infrastructure is more critical than ever. This is especially true as traditional firms are searching for ways to scale their blockchain operations to match their ambitions and client demands within the decentralized financial realm. As such, established companies, including blockchain-native ones, have an opportunity to nurture emerging talent and projects that will help advance infrastructure and new use cases.

As the third edition of its development fund, Coreum’s grant program enables the best and brightest projects to build new applications or integrate existing ones into its blockchain network. By building on Coreum’s institution-friendly network, each grantee has the opportunity to solve challenges within the broader Web3 space.

With a total monetary reward of $300,000, the grant represents a diverse array of solutions that include development tools, decentralized storage, and SocialFi projects. In addition to the monetary prize, each grantee receives mentorship from the Coreum team. The eight projects receiving the Wave 3 grant are:

TriwebAPI: A SaaS product that simplifies Web3 infrastructure development through automation, including smart contracts and integration scripts, with a subscription-based complete hosting solution. The service makes the development process more efficient by facilitating faster Web3 product creation.
Tokenproof: An expansive toolkit that enables brands to foster long-term relationships with their consumers that are meaningful and rewarding. The service is empowering brands to connect with their audiences through the power of token-based experiences, both online and IRL.
Cypher Wallet: Creating one wallet for everything in Web3, Cypher Wallet solves the complexity of Web3 money movement by creating a unified financial ecosystem. Users can easily purchase and manage crypto across multiple chains and easily connect to any application on multiple networks without needing separate wallets.
LZero: A blockchain simulation and testing platform that supports Provable Assessment Certificates (PACs). PACs certify specific test scenario outcomes such as scalability and smart contract functionality to improve application reliability and efficiency.
Lighthouse: A provider of a perpetual protocol for long-term file storage that focuses on accessibility, security, and data verifiability. Lighthouse offers an affordable and secure option for storage needs that facilitates data transitions from Web 2.0 to Web3 and eases the integration process.
Anchain.AI: Anchain.AI hones in on securing the Web3 ecosystem with an AI-powered risk engine and premier cybersecurity expertise. The platform plays a crucial role in protecting digital assets from potential threats and ensuring a safer user environment. Designed with enterprise use in mind, Anchain has previously been integrated to Stellar at a protocol level and reinforces Coreum’s institution-focused blockchain
Cookbook: An open-source marketplace offering developers access to various solidity primitives, libraries, and smart contracts for protocols across numerous blockchains, including Coreum—created to expedite development workflows. Cookbook will also be powering Coreum’s documentation AI agent.
CoredIn: The developer of a professional SocialFi network on Coreum that leverages verifiable credentials and a custom WASM contract to establish an on-chain DID registry. CoredIn enables users to manage data sharing while adhering to the latest self-sovereign identity standards, advancing professional networking technologies.
The focus of each project selected for Wave 3 of the development grant is Coreum’s Smart Token product—a distinct solution introduced by Coreum that augments how tokens behave on the blockchain. Smart Tokens function similarly to smart contracts, enabling pre-defined token behaviors to perform specific and autonomous on-chain activities. This technology equips a wide array of organizations, from financial institutions to startups, with the capability to deploy decentralized applications (dApps) that boast enhanced adaptability and customization.

Coruem’s grant program bolsters its ongoing initiatives to nurture and support new innovations, tech development, and cross-sector collaboration. These include its Blockchain Accelerator program in partnership with CoreNest, and a recently launched University and Student Ambassador program.

“The grant program has become a cornerstone of our efforts to cultivate innovative solutions for long-standing issues in the blockchain space, and these eight projects exemplify the progress made across the ecosystem to overcome these challenges in new and exciting ways,” says Helwan Mande, Network Expansion Lead of Coreum. “Our goal at Coreum is to help ensure the future of the blockchain industry, not only through our own development but by nurturing up-and-coming projects to help reach new heights. We’re very proud to support the projects selected in Wave 3 and look forward to seeing what they create and achieve on our network.”

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