Rishi Sachdeva joins Gigs as head of FinTech from Stripe to spearhead growth


Gigs, the pioneering telecom-as-a-service platform, announced today that Rishi Sachdeva has joined the team as Head of FinTech.

Sachdeva, previously a key figure at Stripe, brings a wealth of experience from his six-year tenure where he led GTM Partnerships and worked with major firms like Shopify and Apple. This strategic hire is positioned to enhance Gigs’ influence in the FinTech sector, particularly at a time when the company is gaining considerable momentum.

Gigs is acclaimed as the world’s first telecom-as-a-service platform. It is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of telecom services, offering embedded connectivity and custom phone plans tailored for technology-driven companies. This innovative approach allows businesses to integrate telecom solutions seamlessly, enhancing their customer offerings and creating new revenue streams.

Rishi Sachdeva, now the Head of FinTech at Gigs, is set to lead the company’s strategic initiatives in the FinTech arena. His primary focus will be on managing and expanding Gigs’ partnerships within the sector. Sachdeva’s role includes driving growth and leveraging his extensive network to secure and nurture key relationships that are essential for the company’s expansion.

Rishi Sachdeva is joined by other industry veterans at Gigs, including Steven van Bommel, former Head of Finance at Adyen, and April Popescu, previously with Stripe. Alongside Rafa Plantier, now Head of GTM and former Fintech leader, this team of seasoned experts signifies Gigs’ commitment to attracting top-tier talent to fortify its market position.

The appointment of Rishi Sachdeva marks a significant trend of FinTech industry leaders transitioning to Gigs, suggesting a strategic pivot for the company towards becoming a central player in integrated telecom solutions for FinTech firms. This shift is part of Gigs’ broader objective to meet the increasing demand for embedded services in the sector.

Gigs CEO Hermann Frank said, “Rishi’s deep industry expertise will prove invaluable for Gigs as an increasing number of leading fintechs seek to offer embedded connectivity and branded phone plans to their customers.”

Rishi Sachdeva also commented on his new role, “When I first met the team, it was immediately clear that they have the unshakable focus and customer obsession needed to abstract away the complexities of telecom, and bring to market an elegant solution that enables ambitious technology companies to embed connectivity.”

Source: fintech.global