A new blockchain project has raised $100 million in funding

Leading the investment were Brevan Howard Digital and Framework Ventures, which signals confidence in Berachain’s vision and approach.

Notable investors in Berachain include Samsung Next, HashKey Capital, Animoca Ventures and Nomad Capital, highlighting the growing interest in DeFi-focused blockchain projects.

Berachain co-founder Smokey Bera emphasized the importance of the funding round, stating: “We see this fundraising as a great validation of our approach to building a blockchain that is built on feedback from real users and developers, and to deliver value for those groups that actually contribute to the growth of the network,” as reported by Bloomberg.

According to Berachain’s website, the platform offers a certain degree of compatibility with ETH, making it easier to transfer applications and assets. While it may not fully replicate the functionality, performance or security features of Ethereum, Berachain serves as an EVM-compliant first-layer blockchain built on Cosmos-SDK.

This architecture allows Berachain to support similar tools and operations as Ethereum, while introducing additional functionalities optimized for proof of liquidity and typical decentralized use cases such as exchanges and oracles.

The blockchain network will introduce three core assets: the BERA token for on-chain transactions, the BGT token as its governing coin, and HONEY, the protocol’s secured stablecoin, offering a complete ecosystem for decentralized financial applications.

Source: cryptodnes.bg

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