VeChainThor blockchain leads the blockchain & tokanization space

VeChainThor blockchain is leading the blockchain and tokenization space, a case in point being their tie-up with UFC, a global sporting company. Through this, VeChain attracted the attention of 900 million families and furthered its digital offerings throughout multiple media houses. The number of fresh addresses has only grown ever since.

With BlackRock in the fray for introducing an RWA program, the world is taking the tokenization of stocks to just about everything else seriously, giving blockchain technology a better standing.VeChain’s blockchain is known to be ahead of the race for blockchain and tokenization. They are engaged with various business houses and have introduced the VeBetterDAO ecosystem. This was to provide a strong dApp ecosystem for customers and businesses to tokenize real-time functions. The possibility of inculcating tangible items with fixed digital identifications comes with various applications, such as sustainability, marketing, and others.

VeChain’s tying up with UFC has helped, besides other factors, with the increasing acceptance of the VeChainThor protocol. Though the tie-up began as an exercise related to marketing, it has grown ever since, particularly in technology incorporation. At the time of UFC300, a fresh set of fighting gloves will be unleashed, which will work on safety issues about UFC athletes and have VeChain-boosted NFC blockchain technology.

Dana White will release a fresh concept through an international press conference, incorporating VeChain’s blockchain technology with sporting gear. This will help improve the athletes’ potential and the audience’s exposure. It will be happening on an international platform. To commemorate this event, Dana White has taken the initiative of minting an early lot of twenty-five special gloves to be disbursed to top players like Joe Rogan and others.

Being ahead of the race in the RWA sector, they have taken it upon themselves to broaden the base for blockchain acceptance. They are seriously engaged with various business houses, and using their established technologies will further the space of blockchain and tokenization acceptance. This will be achieved via unique content, marketing options, and the endorsement of items they deal with.

VeChain, based in San Marino, Europe, is the brain behind VeChainThor.

This top smart contract platform is leading the real-time acceptance of blockchain technology and is a bi-player in real-world asset tokenization (RWA).


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