Blockchain infrastructure and development for the era of utility

We’re now well and truly into the era of utility for blockchain technology. Going forward, the technical elements, infrastructure, and development of various blockchains will come more sharply into focus.

At this year’s London Blockchain Conference, the technical capabilities of utility blockchains will be the central point of discussion and debate. If you have something to say, this is the blockchain event for you.

An irreversible shift in focus

Back in the early days of the Dot Com era, there was a feeding frenzy. Anyone and everyone bought anything and everything, pumping the prices of worthless companies to ridiculous valuations and making lots of people who did nothing of real value exceedingly rich. The same thing happened in the past decade with blockchain technology.

However, that era of frenzied speculation is slowly coming to an end. As business giants like IBM (NASDAQ: IBM), international financial bodies like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and governments from the United Kingdom to the Philippines begin to experiment with and utilize blockchain technology, the focus is shifting to solutions that can deliver on a technical level.

Rather than the circulating supply of coins and technical graphs of prices, serious businesses and organizations are interested in transaction throughput capacity, fees, and whether apps can be built to scale. Reliability, scalability, and legal compliance are important to the organizations now looking at blockchains as the distributed databases and immutable ledgers they are.

This is always the way: eventually, serious players will find legitimate technical solutions, and the real future-building will commence. Some of the use cases being explored currently include creating more transparent supply chains, the tokenization of financial assets like promissory notes and stocks, and even the creation of sovereign nodes linked back to ensure the data integrity of nations.

These solutions will require technically powerful blockchains capable of processing millions of transactions per second for tiny fees. They’ll need blockchains that can make smart contracts with solid foundations they can rely on for years and decades. Few of the current crop of popular blockchains are even theoretically capable of living up to the required standard, but there are some contenders.

Blockchain infrastructure and development at the London Blockchain Conference

If you realize that blockchain technology will act as a global infrastructure across multiple critical industries and are interested in exploring which solutions can deliver, the London Blockchain Conference is the right place for you.

Taking place May 21 – 23 at ExCel London, the London Blockchain Conference is open to anyone and everyone interested in the real-world use cases of blockchain technology. Far from being a ‘crypto’ convention, it’s squarely focused on the practical use cases of blockchains for governments, enterprises, startups, and others.


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