Cartoon Network Game On! Launches Amazing World of Gumball Haunted House Experience and Tower of Defence on Roblox

Cartoon Network’s Game On! is ramping up its spook factor with a new Gumball Haunted House game, offering a solo play experience set in a ghoulish Haunted House in Elmore. The game features beloved characters from The Amazing World of Gumball – Darwin, Anais, Gumball, and many more. As players embark on the Haunted House experience, they are greeted by Gumball and realise they are about to undertake a spooktacular mission to escape impending doom. However, players must beware, as a ghost may be lurking nearby. Fear not, for fellow Gumball characters within the Haunted House offer hints and tips to aid in escape. Successfully escaping the Haunted House can earn players a spot on the leaderboard. The Haunted House game is available to play on Cartoon Network Game On! on Roblox now.

There’s more to come from The Amazing World of Gumball! Cartoon Network Game On! is also getting ready for an all-new Gumball Tower Defence game, heading to the metaverse soon. Elmore is under siege and players must step in to save the day. Get your game face on and gear up to defend Elmore! as our favourite Gumball characters are on hand to help defend the town. The new game features four different towers to build, each with three special upgrade options. With ten levels to conquer, players are in for an epic showdown with plenty of Gumball XP and coins to win along the way.

Monika Oomen, VP Brand, Comms and Digital Content Strategy, Warner Bros Discovery, EMEA, Kids, says: “We are permanently reviewing Game On! through the audience lens, using performance data to inform our next immersive experience.

Combining highly popular game mechanics with a beloved IP and offering it on Roblox is a win-win for our audience and brand. Our strategy is inclusive of young people, seamlessly reaching kids where they love to be and delivering entertainment in the multiverse, creating a halo effect that drives brand affinity”.

Cartoon Network Game On! is an immersive experience on the popular gaming platform Roblox that transports kids to a realm beyond reality. It allows players to engage in games where they can explore the virtual world of the hit Cartoon Network series Craig of the Creek, Teen Titans Go!, We Bare Bears, Ben 10, and The Amazing World of Gumball.

With recent activations celebrating the Powerpuff Girls 25th anniversary, incorporating Scooby-Doo for Scoobtober, collaborating with Viareggio Carnival in Italy, celebrating the premiere of the movie WONKA and an in-game integration of Bakugan in Poland – there has been lots for kids to be excited about. The immersive experience also recently launched a Hero Inside Cinema available in France, Austria, and Switzerland. This unique cinema is entirely themed around Hero Inside, providing viewers with a glimpse into the essence of the show before they experience the premiere of the 1st episode.

Recognised for continuing to bring kids together through online play whilst bringing shows to life in an unprecedented way Cartoon Network Game On! was nominated for a 2024 Kidscreen Award for Best Game App (Branded) and won a Broadcast Digital Awards for Best Digital Support for a Strand, Channel or Genre. Constantly working to develop new and exciting

experiences for kids with real added value on a platform that they love, a year after launching, Cartoon Network Game On! has received over 33.2 million visits so far.

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