A16z Crypto Launches Jolt to Boost Blockchain with ZK Proofs

Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto division, A16z Crypto, has introduced Jolt, a Zero-Knowledge Virtual Machine (zkVM). This development is expected to improve blockchain systems by using zero-knowledge proofs ability, specifically SNARKs (Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments of Knowledge), to achieve scalable ZK-rollups in the Layer 2 space.

Zero-Knowledge Virtual Machine
Jolt comes in as a remedy in the blockchain technology meant to speed up and improve the scalability of blockchain networks. The foundation of Jolt is SNARKs, an advanced version of zero-knowledge proof that allows the implementation of scalable ZK rollups.

This technology provides the implementation of a major part of computational work and so blockchains can process and verify transactions faster and more securely. Using SNARKs integration speeds up the process of compressing and verifying computational tasks without the verifier undertaking any reproduction of the computations.

A16z Crypto Enhancing Scalability and Security
Jolt’s launch is considered to be a milestone of the A16z Crypto’s deep tech research journey, which is an indication of the venture firm’s move into a part-time computer science researcher and builder. In addition, A16z Crypto wants to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem by releasing Jolt, an open-source software that makes blockchain processes faster and safer.

The design paradigm on which Jolt is built adds simplicity for functionality extension and auditing, allowing developers to create security attributes. Moreover, Jolt is 2X faster than existing zkVM solutions, which means that the performance improvement is huge. This makes the development and execution of blockchain applications completely different.

A Catalyst for Blockchain Evolution
Simultaneously, Jolt is used together with Lasso, another technology from A16z Crypto that implements a fast prover system for rollups by using a ‘lookup argument.’ This synergy is crucial for enhancing the ability of blockchain applications to scale, where sophisticated operations can be undertaken off-chain but still ensure on-chain verification integrity.

Nevertheless, Jolt’s use cases may go beyond enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of blockchain systems. It is also applicable in Layer 2 blockchains, cross-chain bridges, and other sectors where effective and verifiable computations are needed.

The forays of Andreessen Horowitz in deep tech research through the Jolt and Lasso projects mirror the firm’s commitment to advancing the blockchain industry. With open-source technologies to solve the issues related to blockchain scalability and security, A16z Crypto paves the way for the next generation of blockchain development.

Source: coingape.com

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