B Capital expands climate focus with top executives joining


Global investment firm B Capital has made a significant move to strengthen its climate investment practice.

According to The Economic Times, the firm announced the addition of two senior figures: Rich Lesser, the global chair and former CEO of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and Jeff Johnson, the former managing director of Temasek. Lesser steps into the role of vice chair, climate & sustainability, and senior advisor, while Johnson takes on the mantle of general partner, leading the climate investment team’s expansion.

B Capital specializes in identifying and supporting startups that lead transformational shifts across industries. With a keen eye on innovation and sustainable growth, the firm has established itself as a key player in the global investment landscape, providing critical resources and a robust network to foster the development of groundbreaking technologies and solutions.

The new hires, Rich Lesser and Jeff Johnson, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to B Capital. Lesser, in his dual capacity, will continue his work at BCG, further cementing the strategic partnership between B Capital and BCG, especially in the domain of climate technology. Recognized for his leadership in climate and sustainability, Lesser’s role at BCG included acting as chief advisor to the World Economic Forum’s Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders and spearheading the firm’s focus on sustainability practices. On the other hand, Johnson, with his profound experience in managing investments at Temasek, is set to drive B Capital’s climate investment initiatives, aiming to leverage the firm’s extensive network and platform to support climate-focused entrepreneurs.

These appointments underline B Capital’s commitment to addressing climate change, a challenge that demands an estimated $5tn in annual investments by 2030 to meet international net-zero targets. The firm has already begun to lay the groundwork for this ambition with investments in companies like Patch Technologies, which facilitates the trading of carbon credits, and Accacia, which offers AI-driven decarbonization solutions for the real estate sector.

B Capital cofounder and co-CEO Raj Ganguly expressed his enthusiasm for the expanded team, highlighting Lesser’s unmatched reputation in the field and emphasizing the critical need for innovative, complex solutions to tackle climate change. Echoing this sentiment, Johnson underscored B Capital’s unique position to support climate entrepreneurs through its comprehensive global platform and value-added approach.

Source: fintech.global