Immediate Infinity Review – Scam or Legitimate Crypto Trading Platform

Showing strong words such as “unleash tactics that distinguish the victors from the vanquished”, Immediate Infinity likens the prospect of crypto trading to a battlefield. Since learning tactics is the goal, it claims to act as the perfect point of contact for those who want to learn about crypto and investment education companies willing to provide top-tier insights.

Are these promises honored by the investment education platform? Or do the old-style words that the platform uses to rally its users merely work as a way to scam curious learners? This Immediate Infinity review covers it all.

Immediate Infinity – Summary

Platform type Crypto education platform
Subjects covered Cryptocurrencies, Forex. Mutual, Funds, and Other Investments
Available on Mobile Does not make any mention of a mobile app
Fees No fee detail is available
Customer Support No insight into the customer service
Withdrawal Speed No mention of any withdrawal fee
Minimum Deposit No mention of a minimum deposit


What is Immediate Infinity?

When one ventures into cryptocurrency trading, there are infinite possibilities. There is always the push-and-pull in the community. Some seek success quickly, while others wait for their tactics to give them results in the long run. It is a constant battle of wits, which is why having the right knowledge is important.

This encompasses the idea that Immediate Infinity is trying to present. Claiming to have started operating more than a decade ago, this platform emphasizes the need for crypto education.

“When the market is volatile, there is no point in going in blind.” Immediate Infinity says. Therefore, it reportedly acts as a nexus between cryptocurrency investors and the trading instruments in the marketplace.

However, while the platform purportedly bridges the gap between investors and, as the website puts it, the “crème de la crème” of trading tools, its main function is to act as a bastion of education.

Users will reportedly have access to the Immediate Infinity app, which they can use to engage with the “ebb and flow” of the market through various operating systems such as Android, Windows, and iOS mobile devices. According to the claims, desktop users will also have an easier time using this platform.

If these features are as high-quality as advertised, there should be a fee involved. However, the website refrains from discussing it. It also does not provide information about the site’s makers, which gives us some suspicions about its effectiveness in providing crypto education.

Immediate Infinity – Pros and Cons

The content on the Immediate Infinity website is rich but confusing, which made it easier for us to find its pros and cons.


  • Claims to provide high-quality education services
  • Claims to connect users with trading tools
  • Supported on multiple devices
  • Claims to have a good fee structure
  • Said to have been partnered with multiple companies


  • Does not disclose the identity of its makers
  • Does not provide key details about its features
  • Offers no details about its fee structure, even though it claims to have a good one
  • Offers a confusing narrative in its content.

How does Immediate Infinity Work?

Immediate Infinity claims to act like a nexus of traders, trading tools, and investment education companies.

Once users visit the website, they may create an account, and based on their advertisement, they may be connected to a suitable investment education company.

Although the website does not provide information about training modes, Immediate Infinity emphasizes the fun factor.

It states that trading should be an enthralling experience for those who have the grasp of the right knowledge and tools. “At Immediate Infinity, we infuse excitement into education and introduce a payment element to trading.”

The platform also states that users will learn risk management methods. Per the website, users will be able to interact with the crypto ecosystem with a “stout heart” and come winning on the other side.

As we dove deeper into the content, we found that the platform also discusses trading features. What types of features will users get? That information is not available.

It is not likely that users will encounter anything similar to a crypto trading bot on this platform since none of the sections in the content indicate the presence of an automated trading system.

When it comes to learning, the platform states that there are four key lessons provided.

Using Technology to Trade

The platform states that it will give users insight into modern trading tools. The “adept prowess” of the “cutting-edge” instruments can reportedly help learners grasp the ins and outs of crypto trading easily.

According to the website, analytical tools will also be taught, which would help investors “ensnare even the most elusive investment opportunities.”

Striking Balance between Investments and Risks

Per Immediate Infinity, investors will learn to strike a balance between what’s available and what their risk tolerance is. It states that users will get a blueprint that will “mirror their trading aspirations”.

Investment Compounding

Reinvesting is one of the core strategies of investing. Which asset should be invested in, and when should it be reinvested? Immediate Infinity claims to teach its user base these details.

Risk Management 

The final lesson that Immediate Infinity will purportedly offer its users is about risk management. Per the website, users will get access to tools to learn about managing risks when investing in particular cryptocurrencies.

Immediate Infinity – Top Features

Listed below are the main features that Immediate Infinity is said to provide to its user base:

Simple Sign-up Process

“The sleek interface of Immediate Infinity streamlines the sign-up experience.” While this tone is focused on marketing, we found it to be true. The sign-up button is simple and accessible. Users only need to enter their names, emails, and phone numbers to get started. There are no KYC requirements, which is natural since it is not a trading platform.

Access to Quality Connections

According to Immediate Infinity, users will be connected with high-quality investment education companies. The website claims to provide counseling sessions customized to the client’s needs so that there is no confusion. However, the official platform does not provide information about which investment education companies users will get access to and how the education is provided.

Simple User Interface

To ensure that everyone has the same chance to learn about cryptocurrency investments, Immediate Infinity has opted for a simple interface. According to the claims, there would be no complicated additions that stop learners from seeing the bigger picture. Users would only need to select the lessons they wish to pursue, and the platform will do the rest.

Step-by-Step Learning

The volatility of the crypto market is only matched by the difficulty of understanding it. To help with that, this crypto education platform claims to provide step-by-step assistance so that users have optimal support when they are climbing a steep learning curve.

Responsive Website

While there are no links that provide a button, Immediate Infinity does discuss the presence of an application that can be used to learn about crypto. The aforementioned app reportedly has multi-device support, which makes it suitable for even those who are looking to learn about crypto on the go.

Highlighting Mistakes That Traders Make

We have the impression from the Immediate Infinity website that it is not afraid to highlight the mistakes investors generally make. On the website’s homepage, it is written that there are three key mistakes investors generally make: investing all savings into crypto, buying only because of the low price, and falling for rug pulls and pump-and-dump schemes.

Highlighting the mistakes showcases the depth of educational resources users may get access to once they start using the platform for their trading needs. While it may not be on the same level as the leading crypto courses, some of them may be worth paying attention to.

Education about Price Predictions

According to the website, users will also learn about forecasting asset prices. The platform has even given its own top three Bitcoin price predictions.

However, these predictions are old since they talk about Bitcoin ETF approval and upcoming regulations in the world of crypto. Investors may get a more technical insight into predicting an asset’s price once they join the platform.

Immediate Infinity Fees

Immediate Infinity gives us no insight into its fee structure. Inside the table shown at the bottom of its home page, all it reveals is that the platform doesn’t charge additional costs. While many online reviews have resorted to saying that it is free to use, the presence of the term “additional” indicates the presence of a fee.

While the details are not given on the platform, the investment education companies it has partnered with might offer you some more insights. We recommend keeping in touch with them to stay abreast of this knowledge.

Immediate Infinity Minimum Deposit

A couple of subtle sections on the Immediate Infinity page seem to indicate that trading facilities are also available. However, nothing on the website suggests that it has automated trading features, which often require a minimum deposit.

So, since there are no bots offering any services, Immediate Infinity likely does not have any minimum deposit requirement.

Is Immediate Infinity a Scam?
The vague content and the overly stylized way of representing simple facts can make everyone wary of Immediate Infinity.

When it comes to the content available on the website, it is rich. However, the issue lies with the overly-optimistic tone.

Likening crypto investments to a battlefield is not wrong. The volatile crypto market does create many adverse conditions. The crypto winter, for instance, was a period of time that lasted for almost 1.5 years before investors and crypto enthusiasts across the world kept on pushing. And now, Bitcoin is just below the recently captured all-time high.

However, this tone is only being used to upsell its services. What are its services? If we consider the overarching content that a website presents, it is an educational platform. But upon closer inspection, there are times when crypto trading has also been discussed.

What kind of crypto trading facilities are here? The website doesn’t say. It limits its description of crypto trading facilities to the usage of “cutting edge” trading tools.

However, when we look at the website in terms of its educational services, things become a lot clearer. It states that it connects learners with investment education companies. It also states that these educational companies are of high quality.

While there is no information about what these companies are, the site does give us a little insight into the type of lessons learners will get. So far, we have got crypto price prediction, risk management, portfolio management, and a better comprehension of the basics.

Advanced crypto educational services may also be available, but we don’t know the entire picture yet.

These factors show that users must be cautious when using this crypto education platform. We also recommend cross-checking the facts and the lessons it delivers.

How to Start Using Immediate Infinity?
Here are the steps to start using Immediate Infinity:

Step 1 – Visit the Official Website
Investors must first visit the official Immediate Infinity website and start the registration process. They must enter their names, emails, and phone numbers before taking the next step.

Step 2 – Verification
Once users have input their details, they may be asked to give verification. An email with the link may be sent to verify the account. Once the verification is complete, the training may commence.

Step 3 – Choosing an Investment Education Company and Commencing Education
It appears that Immediate Infinity itself does not provide education directly, suggesting the absence of a comprehensive section with articles, videos, or blogs. Investors first have to choose the right crypto education company and then move forward with learning.

How to Delete an Immediate Infinity Account?

The official website offers no insight into how one can remove their Immediate Infinity Account. The answer may lie with the customer support team. However, even though the team may be present, how involved it would be hasn’t been discussed.

Therefore, we recommend that learners try to find the delete button to remove their accounts. Alternatively, they can just stop paying the subscription fee (if it is required).

Have any Celebrities Endorsed Immediate Infinity?

Immediate Infinity looks like a small-scale website from all accounts. Therefore, it is unlikely that it has gotten any celebrity support as of yet. If the site does get it, investors needn’t be alarmed since it only offers (at least from what we have gathered from the website) investment education services.

Who is the Founder of Immediate Infinity?

The official website does not provide any details about the Immediate Infinity team. Even though there is an “Immediate Infinity Team” section on the About Us page, it doesn’t give us any names of the people involved with this ecosystem. It is not something to worry about because the site is reportedly only meant for learning about crypto, not trading.

The Verdict

Immediate Infinity presents users with a simple crypto education platform. It carefully highlights what kind of lessons users can expect and doesn’t make any large claims about its success rate.

However, the official website’s content is vague in many cases, and there are no customer testimonials for us to assess its legitimacy. Therefore, we recommend traders remain skeptical when using the platform.


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