Abu Dhabi to build a $1bn eSports island with ‘parachute jump check-in’ hotel


The island is designed by a team of architects including Abdullah Bin Baz and Haitham Khojali

An investment of $1 billion could soon revolutionise Abu Dhabi’s eSports scene. True Gamers, a gaming lounge operator, has revealed plans to construct the city’s inaugural eSports-centric zone as reported by The National.

The island will feature dedicated spaces for competition, training, and athlete accommodation—a groundbreaking endeavour on a global scale.

One potential location for this ambitious “eSports Island” project is amidst the Al Raha Beach district, strategically situated between Al Bandar and Al Dana developments. True Gamers co-founder Vlad Belyanin estimates the project’s cost at $1 billion, with the company committing $280-300 million. Discussions with prominent investors are underway to secure the necessary funds.

The proposed island’s central locale, flanked by Yas Island and Raha Beach’s residential developments, sets the stage for its potential impact. Envisioned sections include The Digital Tower, housing meeting spaces, startup accelerators, and animation studios; TG Arena, featuring esports tournament arenas, a computer club, simulation racing, and console gaming; and a boot camp area designed in consultation with eSports team managers worldwide.

According to eSports Insider, plans entail the construction of GG Resort, a hotel with 200 gaming-equipped rooms, complete with a unique “parachute jump check-in” inspired by popular First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as Call of Duty and PUBG. True Gamers’ CEO, Anton Vasilenko, underscores the extensive market research conducted to validate the project’s viability.

While architectural designs have been drafted by a notable team, including Abdullah Bin Baz and Haitham Khojali, discussions about the project’s specifics continue.

True Gamers, known for its gaming lounges in Dubai and Eastern Europe, recently secured $45 million for expansion in Saudi Arabia, aiming to bolster the kingdom’s eSports industry.

The initiative aligns with the global surge in gaming, with the Middle East emerging as a significant player, boasting three billion gamers worldwide and 500 million eSports enthusiasts.

As highlighted by Alexander Schudey of the Boston Consulting Group, the region’s commitment to esports positions it as a future powerhouse in live entertainment, fostering both global engagement and local talent development.

What to expect on the island

GG Bootcamps will cater to serious gamers seeking tournament readiness, offering state-of-the-art facilities including high-tech computers, advanced analytical tools, dedicated rest areas, and a tailored nutrition program. Additionally, a children’s eSports camp will nurture the next generation of gaming enthusiasts.

GG Resort, a luxurious hotel boasting 200 rooms, will provide guests with high-performance computers for an unparalleled gaming experience, alongside leisure amenities such as a spa, pool, and pristine beachfront relaxation.

The Digital Tower will serve as a vibrant business hub, featuring contemporary workspaces, animation studios, and more.

At the heart of the island, TG Arena will be the focal point for eSports activities, hosting international tournaments, digital exhibitions, and large-scale conferences. With adaptable setups for various gaming genres and competition formats, it will house a computer club, car simulator area, console zone, and fully equipped streaming facilities.

Anton Vasilenko, CEO and co-founder of True Gamers, emphasised the thorough market analysis conducted before the project’s development, instilling confidence in its viability.

Established in 2019, True Gamers has expanded its network to 124 eSports halls across the UAE and Eastern Europe. In Saudi Arabia, a significant investment of over $45 million will see the opening of 150 clubs under the True Gamers banner.

While no completion date has been announced, ongoing updates will be provided, ensuring stakeholders remain informed about the project’s progress. Stay tuned for further developments.

Source: constructionweekonline.com