South Korea Revolutionizes Job Applications with Blockchain Digital Badge

The government of South Korea has tapped blockchain technology to make the process of job applications easy for its people.

According to a local news report, the country’s Ministry of Science and ICT introduced “digital badges” powered by blockchain to revolutionize the job application process for the people of South Korea.

The Agreement
The initiative, announced on April 4, 2024, involves an agreement with government agencies like the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA), the Korea Employment Information Service, and the Human Resources Development Service of Korea.

The agreement aims to centralize employment-related information from various agencies into a unified digital badge service.

According to the report, participating agencies will work together to link, integrate, and verify job-seeker data, promote verified information in the private sector, and ensure system interoperability.

The rollout of the digital badge service simplifies job applications in the country by offering users the opportunity to compile their documents and academic achievements electronically without the stress of physically printing the documents.

Previously, job seekers in South Korea had to print out various certifications, transcripts, and course completion records from different institution websites to attach them to their applications. However, the digital badge service has removed this hurdle, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.

Lee Jong-ho, the Minister of Science and ICT, expressed the ministry’s commitment to supporting and ensuring that the blockchain-based digital badge service provides tangible convenience and efficiency for citizens engaged in job-seeking activities.

South Korea to Expand Digital Badge Services
Before introducing digital badges, the country’s Ministry of Science and ICT launched a pilot program on April 2, 2024, through the qualification examination site Qnet. During the trial, the ministry offered verification services for over 1,000 types of certificates.

The ministry said it plans to expand the system to include academic records, work experience, and training course completions in the future.

The planned expansion will allow job seekers to access and share all their credentials through a single web portal or mobile application.

Not the First
Meanwhile, South Korea has been making significant strides in the crypto sector since adopting blockchain technology.

Last month, the government announced plans to launch a crypto management system to track user information on digital asset trading platforms to ensure tax compliance. Managed by the South Korean National Tax Service (NTS), the tool is currently in development and will be launched next year.

In parallel, the city of Busan is undergoing a digital transformation by spearheading the development of a public blockchain in collaboration with local authorities. According to reports, the blockchain protocol will be compatible with popular layer 1 networks such as Ethereum.

The second-largest city in South Korea has earmarked 100 billion won, approximately $75 million, for this initiative, aiming to establish itself as a blockchain city.


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