CRKD™ Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Hellboy™: Announcing Special-Edition Collectible Controllers

CRKD™, the premium collectible brand behind the award-winning Nitro™ Deck, NEO S™ and recently announced Nitro™ Deck+, announced today a creative collaboration with Dark Horse Comics®, bringing the beloved Hellboy™ series of comics to life via a stunning range of themed Nitro Deck and NEO S themed controllers.

Overseen by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, the special-edition range has been meticulously crafted to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Hellboy with artwork sourced from the comic book Omnibus Volume 1, Seed of Destruction, by Mike Mignola and John Byrne, immortalizing key moments from the Great Beast’s history.

A tribute to the timeless legacy of the eponymous half-demon, the Nitro Deck Hellboy Special Edition for Nintendo® Switch™ and OLED Switch™ reimagines handheld gaming, eliminating stick drift forever, while enhancing accuracy, responsiveness, and precision. Elevating the Switch aesthetic via jaw-dropping artwork, the Nitro Deck Hellboy Special Edition is sure to be adored by any Hellboy fan.

The ideal companion to the Nitro Deck, the NEO S Hellboy Special Edition for Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile & Smart TV Gaming, uses the entire footprint of the NEO S to display the intricately detailed artwork of the iconic comic series. Included in pack, the Hellboy themed Charging Dock proves that the NEO S Hellboy Special Edition is no mere controller, serving as both a statement piece of gaming hardware and true work of art.

Both the Nitro Deck Hellboy Special Edition and the NEO S Hellboy Special Edition have been designed to fully integrate with the CRKD ‘True Collection System’ a free mobile App for iOS™ and Android® which will register the product number and rarity ranking of your hardware into your personal secure collection, adding to your bragging rights and giving instant oversight to all your CRKD gaming gear.

Commenting on the creative collaboration, Greg Baverstock, VP of Global Business Development for CRKD said, “Hellboy is an enduring legend in entertainment, loved by millions of fans worldwide. A testament to the talent and imagination of creator Mike Mignola, we’re elated to be partnering with a true icon in the first of a planned series of creative collaborations around our range of premium collectible gaming gear. Working in tandem with Dark Horse Comics and Mike Mignola, we believe we’re doing justice to the 30th anniversary of Hellboy and elevating our controllers to even greater heights.”

To further celebrate this landmark anniversary, CRKD is teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to give away a Nitro Deck Hellboy Special Edition and a NEO S Hellboy Special Edition, each signed by creator Mike Mignola.

The Nitro Deck Hellboy Special Edition and the NEO S Hellboy Special Edition are available today for pre-order, with both products retailing for: $59.99 / €69.99 / £59.99. Both collectible controllers are expected to begin shipping from June 2024.

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