Emerging VR blockchain game 5th Scape sees strong ICO support

The new VR blockchain project 5th Scape (5SCAPE) surpasses $3.5 million in ICO funding, fueling speculation about its potential to reshape gaming.

Crypto investors are growing excited about a new project called 5th Scape (5SCAPE) that combines VR gaming with blockchain tech. With its ongoing ICO raising over $3.5 million already, many are wondering if this crypto could be poised for an explosive breakout.

AAA VR gaming meets blockchain utilities with 5th Scape
5th Scape is building out an entire ecosystem combining AAA gaming experiences with the limitless potential of the blockchain. At the project’s core is a library of realistic sports simulations, combat games, and racing experiences – all optimized to transport players into immersive VR worlds.

However, 5th Scape’s developers intend to take the immersion factor to new heights through cutting-edge hardware offerings. These offerings will include a VR headset called VR Ultra, offering crisp visuals and motion tracking. VR Ultra will pair with 5th Scape’s custom-designed gaming chairs, which maximize ergonomics for long sessions. Powering this whole ecosystem is 5th Scape’s native token, 5SCAPE, which has a fixed supply of 5.21 billion.

As outlined in the project’s whitepaper, 5SCAPE holders will receive perks like free lifetime access to 5th Scape’s gaming library and enticing staking yields. There will even be a decentralized creator marketplace that uses 5SCAPE as the native transactional currency. From the immersive games and hardware to its multi-utility token model, 5th Scape’s team has a vision of combining VR with Web3 in a unique way. That ambition sees to be a key driver behind the colossal ICO demand so far.

5th Scape ICO raises over $3.5m ahead of exchange listings
Earlier today, the 5SCAPE ICO blew past the $3.5 million milestone as buyers continue to pile in. For those getting involved in the ICO now, 5SCAPE tokens can be acquired for $0.00248 each.

Given the token’s intended listing price of $0.01, those taking part in 5th Scape’s ICO currently have access to a 303% lower cost compared to what the token is slated to open at. With exchange listings expected shortly after the ICO concludes, this arbitrage potential is proving attractive for speculative investors.

Importantly, 5th Scape’s team plans to set aside 521 million 5SCAPE tokens to provide liquidity once the 5SCAPE token is listed on exchanges. The token is also expected to have an initial market cap of $15 million. However, some members of 5th Scape’s Telegram channel believe this market cap projection will prove conservative, given the strong hype around the project.

Why 5th Scape’s metaverse ambitions are generating mainstream buzz
What seems to be separating 5th Scape from the sea of other crypto projects vying for investors’ capital is its sheer ambition and scope. Rather than focusing on just one product or use case, 5th Scape aims to build a full ecosystem that includes games, hardware, marketplaces, and more.

This comprehensive approach has already started resonating with big names in the crypto world. Major mainstream content creators like Oscar Ramos and Matthew Perry – boasting a combined YouTube audience of over 290,000 people – have produced breakdowns hyping up 5th Scape’s plans. For them, the project’s value proposition lies in its potential within the metaverse sector.

According to a recent report from SkyQuest Technology, the global metaverse market is expected to reach a value of $803 billion by 2031. This represents a CAGR of 39% between now and then. If 5th Scape can capture a slice of this rapidly growing market, and the development team manages to achieve their strategic goals, 5SCAPE’s potential for appreciation could be immense.

Source: crypto.news

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