Lockchain.ai launches as the ‘frst AI-powered blockchain risk management platform’

Lockchain.ai has launches, desribed as the market’s first AI-powered risk management platform for blockchain.

The Blockchain Risk Management Platform (BRMP) – said to be a new category in the market – sets the standards for mature risk management in digital assets and gives traders, investors and fund managers much-needed solutions for securing the blockchain ecosystem and reducing black swan events.

A spokesperson for the company said it had been founded in order to bring automated risk management and security solutions to cryptocurrency trading and digital currency asset management.

Lockchain.ai was created to fill an urgent need in the market, they explained – a real-time risk management and security platform that gives both security and non-security investment professionals the capabilities to navigate the changing and challenging landscape that is the cryptocurrency industry.

Co-founder of Lockchain.ai, Andrew Howard, said: “While smart contract audits are important, they are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to securing digital currencies on and off chain. Our SaaS platform complements existing security professional services by offering critical risk management and security infrastructure to give clients unprecedented real-time visibility and transparency.”

Unlike some solutions that require security experts, Lockchain.ai transforms the complex world of cryptocurrency into continuous straightforward and actionable insights for traders and asset managers. Furthermore, the platform ingests and leverages data from a variety of sources, including web3, that enables clients to understand risks that may affect their portfolio. As more Bitcoin ETFs come online, the ability to examine custodians and counterparties involved with portfolios and reconciling on- and off-chain risks based on real-world events is critical.

Howard said: “We’re excited for more users to reap the benefits of the Lockchain.ai platform, as well as future offerings to boost its capabilities that are already in the works.

“We made a decision early to build Lockchain.ai with a small but senior team. We were fortunate to recruit some long-time friends with serious technical chops and some new friends with years of experience in the market. It has been a fun journey for the past year because of the people. We have also leaned heavily on a network of advisors and partners that were critical to our success to date.

“Some clichés are true; security is a shared responsibility and our systems are only as strong as their weakest link. Digital currencies are here to stay and Lockchain.ai is the pioneering solution that will help eliminate weak links and protect the future of the industry.”

Source: blockchaintechnology-news.com

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