China Launches Blockchain Project For ‘Belt and Road Initiative: Reports

Led by Conflux Network, this project aims to establish a robust public blockchain infrastructure to support the Belt and Road Initiative’s objectives.

Despite the strict ban on cryptocurrency transactions and derivatives within its borders, China has announced a blockchain project for the “Belt and Road Initiative,” according to a recent report from Wu Blockchain.

Known as the “Ultra Large-Scale Blockchain Infrastructure Platform for the Belt and Road Initiative,” the project aims to redefine public blockchain infrastructure.

The project will be led by Conflux Network. It is important to note that the Chinese government prohibits any institution from engaging in cryptocurrency activities; therefore, any tokens and cryptocurrency should be excluded from the blockchain.

‍A Potential Model for Countries and Regions
China’s Belt and Road Initiative aims to strengthen economic cooperation and connectivity along historical trade routes through global infrastructure development. By integrating blockchain technology into this initiative, the Chinese government wants to enhance transparency, efficiency, and security.

Experts anticipate that the successful implementation of this project could set an example for other countries and regions looking to leverage blockchain for similar purposes.

The announcement of the Ultra Large-Scale Blockchain Infrastructure Platform project has already sparked interest, with the price of CFX, Conflux Network’s native token, experiencing a notable surge. Within minutes of the news going live, CFX, Conflux’s native token, surged about 12%.

Last December, China announced it would use Blockchain technology to verify the real-name identities of 1.4 billion people, a move likely to raise privacy concerns. The initiative, called RealDID, was spearheaded by the Ministry of Public Security with support from a Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN).


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