Måna Care AB selects Global Communication Leaders HiveMQ and Semtech Corporation to promote Digital Inclusion


Måna Care AB is pleased to announce our Måna® platform is transitioning from development and pre-production into our User-Group trials across three continents represented by SwedenIndiaCalifornia, and Texas. As a result of achieving this major milestone along with a mission to promote Digital Inclusion for the elderly and cognitively challenged communities. To build out and establish our global Data Network, we wanted to recognize our strategic partnership with Semtech Corporation’s IoT Systems and Connectivity Product Group (formerly Sierra Wireless) and collaboration with  HiveMQ.

Måna Care AB and Semtech Corporation: 

“Semtech’s AirVantage® Smart Connectivity service solves our clients need to achieve “instant on and attach performance” by seamlessly connecting Måna® to the best regional cellular networks automatically upon platform plug-in. This feature provides Caregivers, Family, and Friends a reliable way to stay connected to their loved one from anywhere in the world! After reviewing many global IoT Data providers, we selected Semtech because of their comprehensive global operator partners networkexcellent technical and sales support, as well as instant believers in Måna’s vision and potential,” said Co-Founders Jeff DeAngelis – CEO and Anders Reisch – Chairman Måna Care AB.

“We recognized Måna‘s innovative communication approach and their value proposition in assisting the elderly community and those who provide care for their loved ones. From the outset of our engagement with Måna Care AB, it was clear their approach to delivering a simple and intuitive plug-and-play user experience was a natural fit with our AirVantage Smart Connectivity service. Our multi-operator SIM, with built-in intelligence to select an available network, allows Måna devices to stay connected anywhere without complicated installation. Moreover, our global SIM enables Måna Care to scale and effortlessly expand into new markets through over 600 partner networks in more than 190 countries and territories. Together, we seize the opportunity to enrich the lives of these traditionally socially isolated communities,” said Rupa Datta, Senior Director, Connectivity Services, Semtech.

Måna Care AB and Hive MQ:

“At the heart of our Måna® platform is a unique and repurposed communication protocol adapted from Industrial IoT called MQTT. With our innovative use of MQTT, we needed a strategic partner that could interpret our unique use case and translate those needs into an optimized service and support plan. After exploring multiple MQTT service providers, we selected HiveMQ Cloud platform because we understood the inherent scalability provided as we transition from development to production. It is important for us to collaborate with HiveMQ who understands Måna’s Quality of Service (QOS) model to ensure dependable 24/7 global connectivity,” said Co-Founders Jeff DeAngelis – CEO and Anders Reisch – Chairman, Måna Care AB.

“Måna Care AB chose HiveMQ’s MQTT broker to scale and expand their platform to provide expert-level service and care. We are happy they selected HiveMQ for reliable, secure connectivity and communication. Their commitment to the Digitalization of the Caregiving industry is admirable. We are excited about our relationship with Måna Care AB and wish them continued success,” said Paul McGuire, Team Lead North EMEA, HiveMQ