DIGA Labs Announces Strategic Partnership with Ambrus Studio, Unveiling New Horizons for Web3 Gaming Communities

DIGA Labs, a leading innovator in the gaming and blockchain space, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with E4C, a metaverse game world by Ambrus Studio, to revolutionise gaming communities by blending innovation with immersive
metaverse experiences.

At the heart of this partnership are the objectives to unite and expand gaming communities, foster innovative strategies, and share valuable player bases. It opens new horizons for gaming communities by merging cutting-edge blockchain capabilities with immersive gaming experiences, setting a new benchmark for community engagement and interactive entertainment in the metaverse. Apart from the highly anticipated Heroes of Eldarune event, this partnership aims to launch additional E4C and Eldarune initiatives, designed to unite players through innovative and thrilling experiences.

Can Picak, CEO & Co-Founder of DIGA Labs, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration between DIGA Labs and Ambrus Studio’s E4C is not just a partnership; it is a fusion of visions aimed at revolutionising the gaming community. By combining our strengths, we are setting the stage for an unprecedented era of innovation and engagement. Our joint initiatives, including the highly anticipated Heroes of Eldarune event and more, are just the beginning. We are excited to bring our communities together and create memorable experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world.”

Johnson Yeh, CEO of Ambrus Studio, shared their vision, “Through our collaboration with DIGA Labs, we are not only bringing to life new initiatives but also crafting a gateway to unprecedented gaming experiences. Our combined efforts, especially with the Heroes of Eldarune and upcoming projects, are set to redefine what community and engagement mean in the gaming world. We are excited to embark on this journey, pushing the boundaries and setting new benchmarks for what gamers can expect from us.”

Heroes of Eldarune: A Fusion of Strategy and Community Heroes of Eldarune, a simple yet captivating real-time PvP card game, will be at the forefront of this partnership. Heroes of Eldarune offers a free-to-play option playable with Eldarune NFTs, ensuring accessibility for all gaming enthusiasts. The RedBox (Avalanche)

Tournament, subsequently, celebrates the integration of Avalanche and features a massive
campaign including:
● A prize pool of 100k ELDA tokens.
● 444 RedBox WL spots.
● Oathstone NFTs, partners’ NFTs, tokens, and more.
● An E4C-themed battleground with exclusive rewards.
Participants are invited to create an account at hoe.digard.io and engage in the game, besides following both projects’ social media channels, to be eligible for the 5 Epic Battle Pass giveaway, valued at $1,000 E4C.

Future Plans
This partnership represents a groundbreaking step forward for both DIGA Labs and E4C, promising not only to enhance the gaming experience for their communities but also to set new standards for collaboration within the blockchain and gaming industries.
Looking to the future, DIGA Labs and Ambrus Studio envision a partnership that continues to evolve, highlighted by Ambrus Studio’s commitment to hosting a dedicated tournament for the Heroes of Eldarune in the Fallen Arena, a fast-paced kill-or-be-killed and Play-to-Earn PC game collaborating with Sui catering to a more Crypto Native gaming experience designed for Web3 players.

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