Fraud Prevention Company Partners With Merkle Science to Usher in New Era of Security in Digital Currency


Merkle Science, the predictive crypto risk and intelligence platform, has today announced their partnership with, the AI-driven payment fraud prevention platform for the crypto segment, to enhance protection in cryptocurrency. This partnership will reduce crypto crime, combat fraud, and ultimately drive crypto adoption through a safer landscape for digital currency.

Through the partnership,’s customers can access Merkle Science’s Compass, a behavior-based blockchain transaction monitoring solution, to allow end users to transact with cryptocurrency confidently. Merkle Science’s customers can leverage’s fraud platform to mitigate payment fraud while exchanging fiat for cryptocurrency, optimize new customer and partner onboarding, and scale their businesses.

The partnership will unleash a new era of security within the digital currency space, including everything from tracking fraudulent activities to preempting potential threats. Because of this breadth, the partnership creates an end-to-end solution for crypto lifestyle protection, beginning with onboarding and continuing to any on-chain transactions.

“The biggest challenge to crypto adoption is fraud. Merchants and consumers are reluctant to transact with digital currency in a business environment where crypto fraud is rampant,”
says Merkle Science CEO, Mriganka Pattnaik. “Our partnership with overcomes this obstacle, enabling both sides of the marketplace to use cryptocurrency with unprecedented security, safety, and, most of all, confidence.”

“As a leading provider in payment fraud prevention, our team at has recognized the growing demand from crypto exchanges and on-ramp players to secure transactions converting fiat into cryptocurrency,” says CEO and co-founder Alex Zeltcer. “Partnering with Merkle Science and leveraging Compass will ensure that businesses can identify crypto fraud, enable the seamless transactions of legitimate consumers eager to use digital currency for everyday use, and facilitate the successful onboarding on on-ramp partners.”