The Top Ten Most Expensive Vintage Games

Spring cleaning might earn you a fortune: Are One of These Vintage Gaming Treasures Gathering Dust In Your Attic?

Did you spend hours playing games on your GameCube, Nintendo 64, or NES when you were young? Perhaps you still have some of them stored away in a spare room or attic? If so, go dig out those boxes, because some of your old games may have increased exponentially in value since you put them away.

Trevor Cooke, the online privacy expert at EarthWeb, ranks the most expensive games people are buying for 10 different retro consoles.

1 Kid Klown Nintendo NES $769.99
2 Misadventures of Tron Bonne PlayStation 1 $649.99
3 Gotcha Force / Cubivore GameCube $599
4 Complete Bionic Commando Gameboy $549.99
5 WWF No Mercy Nintendo 64 $499
6 Final Fight Guy Super Nintendo $449.99
7 Complete Banjo Pilot Gameboy Advance $369.99
8 Complete System with Wii Sports Wii $349.99
9 Complete System with Sonic Sega Genesis $329
10 Pokemon HeartGold Version Nintendo DS $254.99

Kid Klown

If you played Nintendo NES games in the 90s, you might’ve heard of ‘Kid Klown in Crazy Chase’. The star is a clumsy clown who rules a distant part of the galaxy. As with many other games from this era, the game’s levels revolve around running, jumping, and scoring (or losing) points. As it wasn’t popular when first released not many copies were made, so it’s hard to find today, driving up the price of the few available copies.

Misadventures Of Tron Bonne

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne was released in Japan in 1999, but it didn’t hit North America and Europe until the next year. Fans of the ‘Mega Man Legends’ games will know that Tron Bonne is a prequel to the first game in the series, focusing on a new protagonist. The gameplay involves various missions that slowly get harder as you encounter ‘moving-box’ puzzles and activities such as robbing a bank or exploring old ruins. As with the first game on the list, a limited original run means there aren’t many copies available to buy today.

Gotcha Force And Cubivore

If you still own a GameCube, two top-priced games you can buy for it today are ‘Gotcha Force’ and ‘Cubivore’. Many people spent hours fighting and shooting with ‘Gotcha Force’, or attaining mutations and dominance with ‘Cubivore’. These two classics could net you a pretty profit if you happen to be one of the few who bought a copy back in the day.

Complete Bionic Commando

If you once received a Gameboy for Christmas, you may have spent many happy hours playing ‘Complete Bionic Commando.’ For a while at least, you were Rad Spencer, a heroic agent of the FF Corps. The game is military-based and has a strong narrative running through it, and was praised for its inventive use of the protagonist’s bionic arm as an alternative to the normal jump mechanic employed in platforming games.

WWF No Mercy

Lovers of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now known as WWE) were delighted with this game, which is still hailed as one of the best wrestling games of all time. ‘No Mercy’ was one of Nintendo 64’s best-selling titles. The product was well-made with quality graphics and sounds, and featured a wide range of playable wrestlers. However, a glitch in some copies meant that your save data would be deleted upon starting the game. Back in the day, the developers would replace these faulty copies at no extra charge, and these glitch-free versions of WWF No Mercy are now a hot commodity on the second-hand market.

Trevor says, ‘Rather than becoming outdated and obsolete, many of these vintage games have achieved cult status. If you still have games for your old Wii or Sega Genesis, etc., you could be sitting on a goldmine.’

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