Farquhar Venture Capital partners with TZ Apac to accelerate Web3 games on the Tezos blockchain

Farquhar Venture Capital (FVC), a leading backer of early stage companies in Singapore and Southeast Asia, is announcing a strategic partnership with TZ Apac to catalyse the growth of Web3 gaming on the Tezos blockchain. Both parties will pool financial and other resources to support the integration of browser and mobile games into the Web3 ecosystem.

As an active member of the Innovation ecosystem, FVC has backed promising startups across a wide variety of sectors, such as Spark Systems, Fairphonic, and Beep Technologies. This latest endeavour will see FVC commit financing from existing or upcoming thematic funds into upcoming Web3 game startups and projects that will utilise the Tezos Blockchain. As these projects would also receive funding and other support from TZ Apac, a Singapore-based adoption hub for the Tezos blockchain, this becomes a synergistically perfect opportunity for Web3 games to ascend to greater heights within and beyond the Tezos ecosystem.

“After recent investments into Game-tech startups such as Lockpick Learning and the EMERGE Group, this partnership is a timely opportunity to enter into the world of Web3 and to partake in its exponential growth,” said FVC Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer Jason Su.

To-date, FVC has invested into 40 startups, of which a significant majority of these companies have successfully established enduring partnerships, scaled beyond their domestic markets, and attracted follow-on investments. Hence, FVC’s timely entry and partnership with TZ Apac underscores its commitment to driving impactful growth in the Web3 gaming sector.

Tezos emerged as the preferred partner for this ambitious initiative, offering a robust, and scalable blockchain protocol ideally suited for Web3 gaming and Real-World Assets (RWA) projects. As more gaming projects use Tezos, the partnership between FVC and TZ Apac promises to boost the Tezos ecosystem through strategic investments and accelerator support for projects adopting the protocol.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with FVC in propelling the adoption of Web3 gaming. Tezos’ community-driven ethos, coupled with its energy efficiency and scalability, positions it as the platform of choice for pioneering ventures seeking to innovate in the blockchain gaming space.” said Jason Lim, TZ Apac Games Adoption for the Tezos Ecosystem.

With other partners from Asia expressing keen interest in exploring gaming and RWA projects powered by blockchain technology, FVC’s expansion into Web3 investments holds immense promise for the broader ecosystem. By combining FVC’s strengths in traditional Web2 spaces with the rapid growth potential of Web3 gaming, this partnership is set to deliver tangible impact and drive the next wave of innovation.

Moreover, this partnership signifies a boon for the Tezos gaming ecosystem. Since the inception of the adoption hub’s gaming vertical in late 2022, the dedicated efforts of the team have been validated by this collaboration and other recent partnerships. EMERGE Group, a Southeast Asia marketing technology firm specialising in IP and gaming partnerships, announces a strategic collaboration with TZ APAC to accelerate the onboarding of Web3 games onto the Tezos ecosystem. Additionally, the KAP Co-Grant Program, in partnership with TZ APAC, aims to bring faster financial support, development resources, and marketing partners to propel the future of Web3 gaming on the Tezos blockchain.

Just last month, CoinBlast was the second fastest growing blockchain game and charted number 45 in the DappRadar Insights Blockchain Game Rankings, becoming the first Tezos game in the Top 50. GoLive Games’ Cricket Stars, India’s first strategy-based NFT cricket game, launched on Tezos in 2023, achieved a milestone of over 5,000 monthly active users and facilitated more than 12,000+ NFT transactions in January 2024. Rhythm game Star Symphony currently has 20,000 registered users and more than 100 songs in the library and some are generated by users, showcasing the potential of community driven games. MetaPals recently unveiled its Alpha version, paving the way for NFT minting starting in March. With beloved characters from iconic franchises like Teletubbies and Minto the horizon, MetaPals promises to captivate audiences and enrich the Tezos gaming ecosystem with its innovative offerings.

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