TreesPlease Games reaches major milestone – 1 million trees planted thanks to player action in LongLeaf Valley


The studio demonstrates how gaming can be a force for good with tangible impact on the environment.

TreesPlease Games, a studio founded in 2019 to make meaningful games that can be good for the planet, today unveils a landmark moment as over One million trees have been planted through player action in their debut title; Longleaf Valley. This achievement is equivalent to offsetting the carbon emissions of over 5,600 cars, and making Longleaf Valley the first mobile puzzle game to have reached such an result.

Launched in 2023, Longleaf Valley was designed with a ‘Play It, Plant It’ model. The game invites players to restore a once thriving National Park that has suffered from the impacts of environmental devastation and climate change. Tackling the damage head-on through merge-style gameplay, players match items together to restore the park such as seeds into seedlings, seedlings into saplings, saplings into trees and so on. Planting trees helps to restore the natural beauty and health of the virtual park, and enable players to plant trees in real life, fulfilled by Eden Reforestation Project. Trees are planted across African, Asian and Latin American territories, providing jobs for the local populace and helping to protect up to tens of thousands of wildlife species. These results are evidence of the impact games can have; Low player effort, but high environmental reward.

TreesPlease Games, which officially launched from stealth in 2023 after being founded in 2019, has seen steady and promising player count growth for LongLeaf Valley. Following $8m total raised in investment rounds, the team of 15 free-to-play and casual gaming experts, led by CEO and co-founder Laura Carter, are committed to using the power of the games industry to drive positive change. Carter, a veteran of NaturalMotion, Square Enix and Playstation, holds a personal passion for environmental conservation and animal protection. As the first games-for-good studio with positive climate impact at its core, the studio looks ahead to the future of using the power of games to protect the planet and nature.

TreesPlease Games invite Longleaf Valley players to attend an extraordinary journey from February 19 to March 18, celebrating the monumental milestone! All players will receive a special Reward for planting 1 million trees. Players will also get a chance to compete in a brand new ‘Treellionaire Cup’ leaderboard for a chance to win and plant even more trees in the real world.

Longleaf Valley continues to grow, with players set to plant more trees, with future updates and development planned to boost the impact of the title and support existing players. Players can look forward to more events, leaderboards, new features and more good for the planet content – all tailored towards fostering a brighter, greener future.

Laura Carter, CEO & Co-Founder of TreesPlease Games, said: “I’m extremely proud of the results of Longleaf Valley, and the efforts of our world class team. Together we’ve lived up to our initial ambitions, to prove that games can have a positive impact on the world by protecting nature and tackling climate change. It occurred to me, having invested significant time and energy into volunteering and activism that there was a way to align my purpose and profession in a more impactful way. That games could be a powerful and effective way to create positive impact at scale, by empowering players to make a difference in the real world whilst playing games. It is incredibly exciting to see that vision come to life and I could not be more excited to see what we can achieve together with our players in the future.”

Eden Reforestation Project, said “Through our partnership with TreesPlease Games, we have reached an incredible milestone together of planting over a million trees, bringing significant progress in landscape restoration that not only supports the planet but creates opportunities for local communities and wildlife and ecosystems to thrive. We are excited for the future of our partnership, and look forward to helping gamers contribute to the health of our planet.”