BIM Finance launches BIM Mining: a cryptocurrency mining revolution in Argentina

BIM Finance is proud to announce the launch of BIM Mining, its new subsidiary dedicated to cryptocurrency mining, based in Argentina.

Harnessing the immense renewable energy potential of the Patagonia region, BIM Mining is positioning itself as a key player in the cryptocurrency mining industry, with a focus on sustainability, efficiency and innovation.

An eco-responsible initiative

BIM Mining’s facility in Patagonia (Argentina) takes advantage of abundant and cheap renewable energy, with an impressive cost of just $0.02 per KW/H.

This approach enables BIM Mining not only to minimize its carbon footprint, but also to offer an extremely cost-effective and environmentally-friendly mining solution.

Tokenization and automatic dividends

Innovating in the field of mining, BIM Mining introduces a tokenization system for mining equipment. This model enables investors to participate directly in mining by purchasing tokens representing a share in the miners.

Dividends, calculated on the basis of an estimated annual return of between 20% and 25%, are distributed automatically each month, providing investors with a transparent, passive source of income.

Profitability and payback

With BIM Mining, investors have the opportunity to recoup their initial investment in just 12 months, a value proposition unmatched in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

This unique opportunity is made possible by the operational efficiency and low cost of renewable energy harnessed by BIM Mining.

A commitment to traceability and transparency

Thanks to blockchain technology, BIM Mining ensures full traceability of profit distribution, guaranteeing absolute transparency for all investors.


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