Empowering Voices: The Democratic Revolution in the Gambling Industry Awards

In the bustling world of the gambling industry, where innovation and excellence are the keystones of success, HIPTHER embarked on a visionary journey in 2016. The inception of our gambling industry awards wasn’t just a decision to recognize the brightest stars in the gaming sky; it was a commitment to democratize recognition and ensure that the accolades reflect the true sentiments of the industry. This story is about why we chose to introduce a democratic process for our awards, transforming the landscape of industry accolades.

The Birth of a Democratic Vision

Back in 2016, the gambling industry, vibrant and dynamic, was evolving at an unprecedented pace. New technologies, regulatory landscapes, and player preferences were shaping a new era. Amidst this evolution, HIPTHER recognized a gap between the industry’s achievements and the way its successes were celebrated. Traditional award ceremonies often followed a panel-based selection process, which, despite its merits, could overlook the industry’s collective voice.

Determined to bridge this gap, HIPTHER launched its own gambling industry awards. The founding principle was simple yet revolutionary: let the industry speak for itself. We decided to go with a fully democratic process, allowing industry peers to vote online and determine the shortlists. This wasn’t just about giving out awards; it was about fostering a community-driven approach to recognition, ensuring that those who make the industry thrive are the ones who spotlight excellence.

The Democratic Process: A Game-Changer

The democratic voting process for the awards was a bold move, introducing a level of transparency and inclusivity previously unseen in the industry. This approach allowed companies, from titans to startups, and professionals, from executives to front-line innovators, to have an equal say in who should be recognized.

The process begins with an open call for nominations, followed by an online voting stage where the industry casts votes to decide the shortlists. This stage is crucial, not just for determining finalists but for showcasing the breadth of talent and innovation across the sector. The final phase brings the participants of our conferences into the spotlight, entrusting them with the power to select the winners.

From the very beginning, our mission at HIPTHER was to create a platform that not only recognizes excellence but also embodies the spirit of the community it serves. By empowering the industry to voice their opinions through a democratic voting process, we’re not just awarding the leaders of today; we’re fostering the collaborative spirit that drives innovation for tomorrow. This democratic approach ensures that our awards truly reflect the collective admiration and respect of the industry, making each accolade a testament to communal achievement and a beacon of inspiration for all.” – Zoltan Tuendik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at HIPTHER

The Ongoing Journey: GamingTECH CEE Awards 2024

As we navigate through 2024, the spirit of democratic participation continues to thrive with the GamingTECH CEE Awards. The online voting stage, currently underway, embodies our commitment to community engagement, allowing the industry’s voice to shape the event’s outcome. The anticipation builds as the voting will conclude on 29 February, setting the stage for the shortlists that will frame the awards ceremony.

The winners will be unveiled in a celebration of excellence and community at the GamingTECH CEE Awards Ceremony, to be held alongside the Endorphina Club on the evening of 26 March in Prague. This event isn’t just an awards ceremony; it’s a testament to the power of collective decision-making and the vibrant community that defines the gambling industry.

A Legacy of Empowerment

HIPTHER’s decision to launch the gambling industry awards with a democratic process was more than an innovation; it was a statement of belief in the power of the industry’s collective voice. This approach has not only elevated the awards themselves but has also fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose across the sector.

As we look forward to the GamingTECH CEE Awards 2024 and beyond, we remain committed to this democratic ethos, ensuring that our awards continue to be a beacon of inclusivity, transparency, and community in the gambling industry. Through this process, we celebrate not just the winners but the vibrant, dynamic industry that shapes our world. Here’s to many more years of celebrating the best, chosen by the best.

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